My Winter Essentials

I had all sorts of exciting posts planned for today and then illness graced my presents and fluffed up any plans of mine to deliver an exciting post. So i thought i would post a light hearted winter essentials instead.

1. Candles; Nothing say's christmas time and everything festive like some scented candles. I am currently obsessing over Sparkling Cinnamon and vanilla Sugar from Yankee Candle.

2. Christmas Movies; Now i do admit i have been watching christmas movies since july but now its decemeber it is acceptable to share with the world the fact you have already watched elf twenty times this year. 

3. Body Butter; I am guilty of neglecting my skin more often than a should. When i get out the shower i am cold and the idea of standing butt naked in a cold bathroom to apply a cold moisturiser had no appeal to me what so ever. But i have really been trying to look after my skin during these harsh cold months and i can already see a huge difference. I am currently using the Body Shop Body Butter in the Blueberry scent. 

4. Easy Scents; When it comes to perfumes i will admit i am a huge hoarder. I love everything perfume and my two drawer stash of glorious scents in my bedroom will agree with that statement. This year i have been trying to find more affordable scents to wear on a daily basis for work or running errands so i can save my more luxurious perfumes for nicer events. I have fallen in love with the Body Shop sprays. They have a great range of scents and the fragrance lingers on you all day. I am currently using the shea butter scent and it smells so luxurious and sexy. 

5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; If i had only one product to use the whole winter it would be this. It is like my little holy grail beauty secret that is always in my bag and never leaves my side. I LOVE this stuff. I use it everywhere, on my lips, on my elbows, and thanks to my ever lasting cold the end of my nose. It is just such a soothing luxury product that shows instant benefits. 

6. Cosy Scarfs; I am that friend that constantly resembles an eskimo during the winter months. I love huge scarfs i can wear that can transform into a blanket to keep me warm during long and gruelling death by powerpoint lectures. I picked this scarf up from Primark for £4 and it is the softest, fluffiest and biggest scarf i have ever seen. Winner.  

7. Red Lipsticks; Nothing screams Tis the season to be joly but red lippy. I love having a bold statement lip during the holiday season. But i also love having something a little bit more subtle if i don't feel like fully committing to the upkeep of a red lip and risk smudging it down my chin whilst sipping on my coffee.

8. Chocolate; Hear me out. If your a self referred chocoholic like me then you can totally appreciate the guilt free feeling of stuffing your face in December (December is the month where it is ok to resemble a small whale in a chocolate bath). I have been obsessed with galaxy counters this year and now it is December i can feel slightly less guilty whilst eating a share bag entirely to myself watching re-runs of PLL on netflix.

9. Smokey Eye Palette; Now whist the Naked Smokey Palette has been all the rage the past few months (I hoping santa brings me this palette this year), i have been more inspired to try smokey eyes. I usually play it safe when it comes to eyeshadow but the past few months i have been branching out into more adventurous colours and a smokey eye is perfect for the winter months. This is MAC's palette in An Amorous Adventure. 
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