Christmas Gift Guide | 24 Gift Idea's For The Holiday Season

Every year i plan to have all my christmas gifts bought and wrapped by the end of November, and every year i fail. 

I have a fear of buying gifts prematurely and then finding something better when the christmas sales hit the shops. So now it is almost mid December i have to get my butt in gear and buy all the remaining gifts i have yet to purchase for my family and friends. 

I like to give unique and useful gifts during the holidays. I love spoiling the people who mean the most to me and find them something i know they will truly love. 

So here is 24 things that i think anyone would like to see wrapped under the christmas tree. One for everyday of December right? 

I am aware there is a gold theme running throughout this gift guide. Oops!

Any of these accompanied with a chocolate orange, pj's and a bottle of wine would be the cherry on top of the tree. Or star in this case. 

4 comments on "Christmas Gift Guide | 24 Gift Idea's For The Holiday Season"
  1. love all of these ideas! I know I'd be very happy to receive any of them, I have the Kate Spade diary on my wishlist :) x

    1. Me too! I just wish it started from January as it bugs me if i have blank pages hehee!! xx

  2. I've barely done any of my Christmas shopping! Tbf, I have to wait till I get paid.. I love those Ted Baker slippers! All of these would make such great gifts.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they. They currently have an extra 10% off code on their website too so its a real bargain :)


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