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Makeup Revolution wholeheartedly took over beauty blogs in 2014! Makeup Revolution has released the best budget palettes I have ever come across and with the constant new launches it just keeps getting better and better. I just wanted to share some of the best palettes I have found within Makeup Revolution for any other palette hoarders like myself.

MUR quality is above and beyond any other drugstore palette I have ever come across, and over the past year I have accumulated quite a little collection of MUR palettes. These palettes are unbelievable quality for the price point.

Lets start with the eye palettes. I have the Iconic Pro 1 Palette, Salvation Palette in What are you waiting for?, Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in Beyond Flawless and finally the Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless Matte.

If you’re an eyeshadow junkie like me then you will be in your element with these palettes. The pigmentation is amazing, the texture is so smooth and buttery and the lasting power gives Urban Decay a run for its money. All of these swatches are on my bare skin without a primer. You can see the quality of these eyeshadows. The Beyond Flawless Palette is an absolutely amazing palette for someone who loves neutrals. It is stunning. At £8 for 32 super high quality eyeshadows is a steal.

One thing I was very pleasantly surprised at is the quality of the matte shadows. I am not usually a huge fan of matte eyeshadows and only tend to reach for them as transition colour as I often find them quite chalky and can make the eye area look quite dry. But the shadows in the Flawless Matte Palette are the complete opposite. They have such a buttery consistency, they blend like a dream and the pigmentation is fantastic.

The consistency of these palettes are stunning. There are no chalky shades or shadows that are disappointing in these palettes. MUR also have a lot of bright coloured palettes so check them out if interested in trying something a little more daring.

My makeup weakness is illuminating products. I love anything shimmery, shiny and glitzy. And the MUR Blush and Highlighter Palettes are no exception to this obsession. The texture of these blushes are beautiful and they blend so effortlessly into the skin and leave a really natural flush of colour to the face. This is the only blush palette you will need in the cheek department. The colour range in this palette is fantastic as it contains everything from a nude brown shade, to peachy corals and pinks. This palette also comes housed with two unbelievable highlighters. That is eight amazing quality matte blushes for only £6. The lighter highlighter shade is so so sparkly and very smooth and buttery on application. It is not a shade of highlighter I would usually reach for but I was pleasantly surprised, however it may be a little OTT for everyday (let’s face it glitter is never OTT). Perfect for the festive season?
MUR also do some different shades of blush palettes so maybe give them a try if pink isn’t your thing.

The MUR Highlighter Palette is perfect for any highlighter junkies out there. I love how versatile this palette is as it can be used on the face, and eyes to really brighten up the inner corner and make your eyes look more awake (which comes in handy after a week of night shifts). The Palette holds three quite large pans which consist of a champagne colour highlight, a slightly pinky shade and a lovely lilac shade. When I first saw this lilac I thought I would never use it but its my favourite in this whole palette. It is perfect as a blush topper when wearing dark lips in the autumn/winter months.

They are incredibly pigmented so use sparingly with your brush, as I learnt the hard way. I cannot believe the value for money with MUR products.

If your still with me then congratulations. This has been a long post but I just cannot stress how much value for money these MUR palettes are. They are such an inexpensive way to expand your makeup collection and with its versatility there is something for everyone.
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