20 Life Lessons We Learn In Our Twentys

1. Being a size six is not the secret to long life happiness. Lest you be that 'stick figure you needs to eat a cheeseburger' or that 'lard arse who needs to hit the gym'

2. The internet has the power to be your best friend & your worst enemy. Yes it gives you the power to express yourself but it always gives you the power to publicly declare your undying love for you ex fuckboy on facebook at four in the morning after a few bottles of wine

3. Afternoon naps are beautiful and wonderful things

4. At no point does waking up and willingly going to the gym become fun. It is still a form of torture

5. You may not be a gourmet chef but being able to function in the kitchen and not burn the house down every-time you cook pasta is a mastered skill

6. You would rather have two solid friends than 50 acquaintances

7.  You are never the only person feeling the way you feel. If you open up a little more you will find other people going through the same thing and the more content with your life you will feel

8. Regular exercise is important. The older and busier i get the more i look forward to sweating out my frustrations at the gym or taking my puppy on a big long walk. Weather that be walking, running, hiking or yoga.. just make time for it

9. Eliminating negative people from your life is hard but oh so liberating. Weather that be a friend or a boyfriend. It is not selfish to take care of yourself 

10. Weather we like it or not our bodies change. Your metabolism slows and your boobs begin to loose perkiness; and there is nothing we can do about it. Own it!

11. Not everyone is going to like you, And thats ok

12. Eyebrow's are important!

13. Tracking your period is important. How many more good pairs of underwear need to be ruined before we learn this?

14. Pamper night, chocolate and a netflix binge will solve almost any problem

15. Flavoured condoms do not taste good

16. You get happier and more content with age, Yes there are going to be days where you feel like a six year old who has lost your mum in asda; but after a good cry and a huge bar of galaxy you will be ready to take on the world again

17. You find yourself becoming weirdly obsessed with home decor and storage. And candles just tip everything over the edge

18. You actually buy clothes to specifially wear around the house

19. Giving blood is one of the easiest and nicest ways to help other people. Plus it is an excuse to 'eat plenty for the rest of the day'

20. The right guy wont make you cry. Ever! 
4 comments on "20 Life Lessons We Learn In Our Twentys"
  1. I am not 20 yet, but I already agree with lots' of these especially the having 2 solid friends than 50! Lovely post x


    1. A must to remember at all times! Thankyou xx


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