13 Things I Have Learnt From Working Night Shifts

When half of us lay our head down to rest at night, the other half of us begin their days. Night shifts can be gruelling and tiring on a regular basis, not to mention it completely messes up your routine and just life in general for the few days following.

If you work shift work or just solid night shifts im sure you can relate to some of these things.

1) The postman  will 100% judge you for being in your pjs and sporting bed hair at 4pm

2) It is completely acceptable to chow down on pringles and biscuits all night long and it totally does not count as syns on your slimming world diet 

3) It is the rule for your neighbours to decide to be extra noisy and trim the grass when your trying to sleep after your twelve hour shift

4) Your night shift will always fall on daylight savings. There is no way of describing the sheer heartbreak of watching the clock at 1.59 click back to 01:00

5) Even though people know you have been on a night shift they will insist on calling you at 1pm to rant about their boyfriends shitty manoeuvre regardless of the fact youve only been sleeping three hours

6) You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. You become the ultimate vampire

7) You will become partial to a good ghost story and are extra jumpy for the rest of your shift until the morning staff come on to save you from the floating ghost in corridor two

8) The struggle of staying awake in the morning rush hour traffic on your drive home. The rocking motion  of stopping and starting your car in traffic is enough to send anyone off to the land of zzz's

9) Meal times become a thing of the past. Breakfast at 4pm, lunch at 2am and tea at 8am with a completely acceptable amounts of pringles tubes and packets of hob nobs in between

10) The discussion of a good mug becomes prime topic of conversation at 3am when janet presents the new mug she bought from sainsburys on sale at 8am that holds the perfect amount of coffee.

11) You can only do your shopping in 24 hour supermarkets

12) Meaning you and the sales assistant at Tesco have bonded over the past few visits as there is no one else in store

13) You get stuck in a sleep and work cycle and become an anti-social bore until your night shifts end

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