What I'm Loving: My Favourite App's

Ok, i hold my hands up i am a self obsessed technology junkie. I can honestly sit for hours just binge watching 'what's on my iphone/ipad' video's on youtube and i can play around for forever in the app store. However it all got a little kray kray recently and i decided to have a clear out of all my old app's so i can keep up to date with the new loves in my life.

I am very picky when it comes to the backgrounds of my iphone/ipad, there is a full list of criteria the images have to meet before i even consider them options. 1. They have to match 2. They have to be bright and vibrant 3. They need to make me feel happy 4. Look cute. So i just got this background from the new love in my life pintrest; holding onto summer or what aimee. 

So this is my home screen, i am very untidy when it comes to app organisation as i like to see what i have and i dont think much of the folders, but i am getting better. I have an extras folder that i just store all the apps that come with the ipad/iphone in as i dont tend to use them and they just clutter your home screen.

Social media, Love and hate relationship. I am defiantly an instagram girl, its my favourite app and the one i spend the most time on. In saying that i have recently broadened my horizons and created a twitter and pintrest account *happy dances*. I have a new love in my life with pintrest, only bad thing is i can loose hours at a time on that app. Twitter is ok, i think i still have a lot to learn and i get really confused with the app, although i have really enjoyed stalking Shay Mitchell on twitter *self proclaimed Shay Mitchell stalker*.  

I just love pintrest. I spend hours and hours planning new home decor, organising my wedding and making myself wish i could cook on this app. Although im a newbie i love how this app works, it is so easy to use and it comes in useful when you have time on the train to uni *mehhh* 

Am i the only person who takes pictures purposely for instagram because i know i have a filter that will make it look super pretty? I have been trying to stick to a theme on instagram recently, it was all fun and games for about two weeks and now i'm flagging. I want to keep my them bright colours and white as the main features but as you can see, not really working well for me. If anyone has any tips on how to maintain an instagram feed please let me know. 

Youtube. Everyone loves youtube. I swear i do not even watch TV anymore as i only watch Youtube and Netflix  *winner*. I can spend hours in bed at night just watching daily vloggers and movies on netflix. This may be the most likely cause of my insomnia? My current netflix favourites are PLL, OITNB, Fresh Meat and Monsters University to embrace my inner child. 

And for when i cant sleep because ive been on Youtube & Netfix for hours at a time i turn to my Take A Break App. It is basically just a meditation app full of relaxing sounds that help you sleep; there is also a relaxation feature which someone talks you through your relaxation and helps relieve stress and anxiety. My favourite sounds are the campfire and rain, i just find them so relaxing as they help to soothe me off the sleep, relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. 
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