Instagram Diary #2 | Last Weeks of Summer

Hello my beautiful angels,

I know, i know.. i've been a bad blogger; but i am back and more ready than ever. 

Recently i have been loving mac pro-longwear foundation and concealer; I honestly don't think i could live without these products in my makeup collection now. I put my makeup on in the morning and it still looks perfect even after 14 hours of wear on long shifts running around hot hospital wards. It photographs beautifly too and really smooths out any imperfections. A+!!

I have never been a flower girl but these past few months i have become obsessed with them. I am that crazy girl who walks down the street taking close up photos of flowers i pass in the street just to post on my instagram (giving away all of my secrets).

I have been having a crappy time lately and after feeling down these past few months i decided enough was enough and i initiated a girls shopping day. We had a lovely wander round Liverpool, went for lunch and stopped for a cheeky ice cream; naughty. I felt so guilty... for approximately 3 seconds. 

I have recently been discovering new and exciting places to take my puppy, Ozzy, on walks these past few weeks. We visited an old park a small drive from my house last week and he loved running round all the fields and exploring in the woodland area. He was so happy to be in a new environment and even stopped in front of the flowers so i could get a cheeky snap. Well done Ozzy!

As previously mentioned i have had a rough few months lately and i am trying so hard to get back on track and be happy again. I saw this picture on instagram a few days ago and i love it so much. I think this day in age we compare our own beauty against other people, celebrities or ideals of typical beauty. It needs to stop! We are all beautiful, flaws and all!

During a catch up with one of my old and dearest friends last week we stopped off at Cheshire Oaks for some retail therapy. He is a gooden as he never complains when i wander round the makeup stores for hours at a time, although this is a bad thing too as he is such an enabler. Im not complaining though.

What have you guys been up to the past few weeks?

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