It's Like Heroine

Anyone who know's me will be very aware of my lipstick love. During the autumn/winter months statement lipsticks are a staple in my makeup bag, i love how they completely change a makeup look and i feel i look instantly more polished and put together when my lips have been splashed with colour. 

Iv'e had my eyes on Mac Heroine lipstick for a couple of months now and a few days back, i finally bit the bullet and purchased. How have i lived without this lipstick in my collection? 
It is a matte formula so bang on trend for autumn/winter, has great longevity and looks absolutely stunning on the lips. I have found i need to prep my lips well before i wear this otherwise it can make the lips appear dry, so i have been accompanied with Lush Lip Scrub and My Balmi latley. 

I put off buying this lipstick for a while because although i love the purple lip trend, i was worried this would be a little too purple to wear on an everyday basis. I was wrong. Very wrong. My skin is a little paler at the minute and i love how there is such a contrast between my skin & lipstick shade. 

 -Great longevity
-Amazing Pigmentation
-Looks great with any skin tone
-Defiantly a unique statement shade
-Fades to an even shade 

-Can be quite drying
-Lips require quite a bit of prep prior to application
-It can smudge quite easily if applied heavily

8 comments on "It's Like Heroine "
  1. That's an amazing shade! Don't think I would dare wear it! X

    1. It really is! That is what i thought but once i have it on i cannot be more in love xx

  2. I love this! I have Up The Amp but this looks more purple - I want!! I agree statement lips are a must for autumn!


    1. I wanted I try up the amp for ages! I might give it a go! But I love this one too much at the minute xx

  3. Heroine is my favourite lipstick

  4. This looks amazing I am obsessed with purple lipstick this season. Now I need this one :)


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