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Its that time of year again!! Back To School!

I truly love this time of year. September makes me so happy, i see it as a fresh start, almost like a new year. The new stationary, the socialising with peers & coffee study dates are like little slices of happiness for me. I always feel so inspired to learn and discover new things around this time of year; and the lead up to bonfire night and the christmas season makes me a little giddy. 

I am a huge organisation freak. I get so much enjoyment out of rearranging & organising my room, colour coding my planner and adding labels to all my school supplies. It is not uncommon for me to buy 5-6 packets of post it notes every time back to school rolls around, i just cannot help myself. Until i reached university i have never really been a a person that could be considered academic, but with organisation, love for my career and university on my side, i love being in education. I now always feel so inspired and motivated to do well in my studies so today i thought i would share with you some tips & tricks that may help you during the back to school season. 

#1 Eat breakfast! I cannot stress how important this is. Eating a nice healthy breakfast fuels your body for the day, raises your energy & helps keeps you focused. Lectures can be long & tiring so having something to eat in the morning will really help to keep your mind on the subject and mind off your stomach. 

#2 Take highlighters and coloured pens into your classes. I am a big visual person and i often find staring at plain notes rather dull, and can find my mind wondering to the walls rather than the pages of my textbook. Recently i have been taking my notes with alot more colour and highlighting important information as i go along. I find it keeps my mind focused alot more easily, and as a bonus, revision notes are ready for whenever i may need them.

#3 Get up earlier. This is a tip i will be using this week. During the run up to my first day i set my alarm to my usual wake up time for uni days. I know it seems really cruel to drag yourself out the bed hours earlier than need be, but when it comes to waking up for school you will be alot more alert & your body clock will be set in stone. 

#4 Pack your bag and lay your clothes out the night before. I am very guilty of not utilising this tip as much as i probably should in order to get an extra ten minutes in bed. I find this really helps speed up the getting ready process and saves the stress of finding your shoes that match your top as your leaving to go catch your train. 

#5 Get a planner. During the academic year i live for my planner, it helps me to stay so organised when i am on placements, planning my assignments and keeping track of tests and lectures. 

What's your best back to school tip? Are you studying this year? 

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