Wishlist: River Island's A/W Collection

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Now the rainy weather and cold days have crept back in i have found myself all excited for autumn/winter fashion. I love this time of year when the nights are getting darker earlier, the ground is covered in a sea of fallen leaves that crisp under your feet as you walk. So excited. Until i go to catch the train or get in my car and everything is delayed due to ice, then i wish for summer again. I can never win. 

Every new season i tend to pop to the shops and pick up a few new pieces for my seasonal wardrobe. I have exhausted the makeup wishlist for the moment but whilst out shopping with boyfy yesterday, i 100% fell in love with everything from River Island's new A/W collection. I would be completely satisfied to just have this entire collection as my 2014 winter wardrobe. I thought i would share a few of my new favourite loves with you guys. 

What is your favourite item from the collection?

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