Wardrobe Colour Injection

After thoroughly enjoying Anna's Wardrobe Week (Vivianna Does Makeup), i decided to give my wardrobe a good old clear out and finally get rid of the items i no longer wear or look a little worse for wear. I quickly noticed there was a trend going on with my wardrobe picks, they lacked colour. I tend to wear alot of black, browns, navy, maroon, greys; the boring colours that go with everything. After some time of sorting all my clothes into a keep, get rid and maybe pile, placing them back on hangers and popping them into a new colour order in my wardrobe i hit the online shopping for some new pieces. 

I have no idea why i always gravitate to darker tones, although i think it has something to do with English weather and my love for the winter months. After some time on many clothing websites and nosing round stores i have added a few items to my wishlist for when pay day rolls around. I sometimes feel that bright colours should only be used in the summer an darker tones are reserved for the autumn and winter months, but who made this rule? This year i will be rocking my turquoise bobble hat and lilac watch in the snow.

What are your favourite wardrobe picks?


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