The Lazy Monday Edit

Last week i went out for dinner with my best friend. We really indulged ourselves and had a good ole catch up. We live in different towns; both have jobs as well as being student nurses so life can sometimes get pretty hectic for us, so whenever we have a bit of spare time we tend to make plans. I felt not one piece of guilt whilst tucking into my chocolate sundae with lashings of whipped cream. 

I have really been enjoying Anna's (from vivianna does makeup) wardrobe week series. After watching her video on clearing out your wardrobe & organisation tips (link) i felt instantly inspired to be ruthless and give my wardrobe a huge clear out. I now have alot more room and can see everything i own very easily, of course it is an excuse to buy more clothes.

I have been working out alot this week; I hate the gym and i can never motivate myself to spend hours sweating it out on the treadmill. I have been doing alot of boxercise and jeeze i have been feeling the burn the next day, but have found great enjoyment in it. I have also been following spinning classes i have found on YouTube (link). The instructor, Jessica is great and really keeps you going, if you have an exercise bike at home, give it a go. What have you got to loose?

It has also come to my attention this week i am some what of an enabler. I have struck once again as three of my friends have purchased my recommendations this week, its a good job they like them. 

My instagram find of the week is Prayers For Ellie (link). This incredibly brave little girl has been diagnosed with stage three brain cancer, has completed six rounds of chemotherapy and been through five brain surgeries and still has the most beautiful smile painted on her face. She has such a beautiful big sister and is surrounded by such a supporting family. #prayersforellie

I am really excited to start back at university again. Although the summer has been great, i miss my hectic lifestyle, being in the nurse environment and surrounding myself in to do lists and cute post it notes. I love being a student nurse and i cannot wait for September to roll around so i get to develop and grow all over again. 


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