Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

One thing i am really bad with is deep cleansing my makeup brushes; i just find it so tedious and time consuming. I only really started using this method this year and i have to say, i'm sold. Im sure many of you have heard of or tried this method, but i think there are probably many brush users that may not know what spot cleaning is or tried this method, i was once that girl.  I usually deep clean my brushes on Sunday's and I spot clean my brushes four- five times during the week in order to keep them as hygienic as i can. The thought of all the bacteria, oil and grime that builds up on them kinda creeps me out a little (Germaphobe right here). Since i have started spot cleaning my brushes i have noticed a huge impact. 

Spot cleaning is a quick cleansing method you can use after using each brush, in between during application or even before use. Its perfect for you impatient guys and gals like me who are always in a hurry and need the brushes to dry instantly. At IMATS London 2014, i purchased the Mac Brush Cleanser after pondering on the idea for quite some time, and lets just say i am so glad i did. Mac Brush cleanser will disinfect, condition and help to keep your brushes in tip top condition, such a useful product to have in your collection. I purchased mine in June 2014 and three months later i have only used up a quarter of the bottle, so you get alot of bang for your buck. 

The easiest way i have found to do this is to have an old towel at hand and either pour or spritz (i have found the pumps from superdrug fit the bottle perfectly) a small amount on to the towel and just swipe my brush back and forth in the product. The excess product comes away so easily and the brush is left disinfected and clean looking; with this brush cleanser i have found my brushes are dry within 30 seconds and are left feeling silky soft, which is great for swapping colours out during application. 

Unfortunately spot cleaning your brushes wont care for them completely, they will still need a deep clean using warm water and either brush shampoo or baby shampoo once a week. Spot cleaning will not only condition and extend the life of your brushes, but prevents staining and bacteria build up before deep clean day. 

If missed out on all these years of spot cleaning. Mac Brush Cleanser, i sing your praises. 

2 comments on "Spot Cleaning Your Brushes"
  1. It's such a pain in the ass to deep cleanse brushes... I use Sephora brush cleanser everytime before I use brushes! :) it's so easy to use! I've been a little away from Mac brush cleanser but should get one this time..Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ive never tried the sephora brush cleanser, I wish we had a sephora here in the uk hahaa!
      Thankyou for your comment xx


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