Product Review: XCSource Makeup Brush Review

Raise your hands if you get excited over new makeup brushes? 
I have had my eyes on these beauties for a long time now but i have such a good relationship with my real techniques brushes i didn't feel i needed them; but hey who needs a reason to buy new makeup brushes? So i finally threw caution to the wind and decided to order them, at £10.99 for 10 brushes it was worth a try. 

The set consists of five face brushes and five smaller brushes that can be used for eye shadow, concealer and even lipstick. This set is brilliant for anyone just starting out in makeup as it has the majority of brushes you would need (i wish it came with a blush or powder brush), but even with having quite a large brush collection myself (i am not proud of it), i still find them a great addition to have in my collection.  

Flat Kabuki Brush - I have found this brush to be a great dupe for the sigma F80; It really helps to buff the foundation into the skin giving a flawless finish. The amazingly soft bristles allow the foundation to easily glide along the skin without shedding or absorbing too much product, i love the finish this brush gives. The only negative i have found with this brush is i wish it was a little bit more dense as it can take sometime to evenly distribute the product around different areas of the face.

Angled Kabuki Brush - I love this brush for cream blushes. This brush has great flexibility so it really helps with buffing blush into the foundation to give the effect of a natural flush. I have also been using this brush for cream bronzer; my skin is quite tan at the moment so i have really been enjoying using creams to keep everything as natural as possible. The softness of this brush is to die for (sometimes i spend a little longer on buffing in the product just because of how soft the brush is). Guilty.

Tapered Kabuki Brush - This is my least favourite out of the five face brushes in this set. The brush is still incredibly soft, and does not in any way lack the quality of the others, i just find it too be an awkward shape i cant quite find a use for. It is described as 'for those hard to reach contours on the face', however i dont seem to find a reason to swap my brushes out whilst applying my foundation.

Round Kabuki Brush - I have also been using this for foundation application; and it is great. It blends effortlessly, and leaves your foundation with an airbrush finish. This brush is a great dupe for the real techniques buffing brush, which is great for when i have been really lazy and not washed my brushes yet (we all do it).

Flat Angled Kabuki Brush - After using this brush i found that it is more suitable for applying powder to the skin rather than creams or liquids as it is quite flimsy. This is another brush i haven't really found a use for in this set as the density makes blending cream products quite difficult. This brush also sheds hairs quite alot. Lets just say i would not of chosen this brush myself.

Precision Flat Brush - This brush is fabulous; this very mini stippling brush is perfect for stippling concealer onto small blemishes and sun spots. I have a two small acne scars on my cheeks and by stippling my concealer on with this brush, it completely erases them. Before purchasing this set i had never seen a concealer brush like this before, i am really glad i now have it in my collection.

Precision Round Brush - Dupe for the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. It is a great universal brush and i wish there was at least two of these in this set. I have used this to blend my concealer under my eyes and sides of my nose, apply primer to my eyelid and also to apply eye shadow for a simple wash of colour. I wish you could buy these separately because i would defiantly own more than one. 

Precision Angled Brush - I have mixed feelings about this brush. It is lovely and soft and blends product beautifully but it is just to big to use in the eye area, especially the crease. If you have more space between your eyelid and brow it may be great for you, but for me it apply's product a little too high. 

Precision Tapered Brush - Ever since these were delivered i have been using this to blend my under eye concealer. It is just so quick and because of the shape it allows you to get right up in the inner corners of the eye. This brush has a really different texture to the others (imagine a lip brush) allowing the concealer to glide on instead of being absorbed into the bristles. 

Precision Flat Angle Brush - Surprisingly i love this for blending. For blending brushes i usually lean towards dome shaped traditional blending brushes but this brush has changed my mind. This brush is so light and fluffy so it really helps to blend the product and banish harsh lines without buffing the product in too much that it all blends together (as you can tell i have had the panda eye experience). 

Overall i am really impressed with this brush set, 10 brushes for £10.99, what an absolute steal. The handles on all these brushes do feel quite cheap and there is not much weight in them so i dont know how heavy duty they are but they do they job. Have they replaced my Real Technique brushes? No, i am still a loyal Real Techniques fan and i couldn't live without their brushes but XCSource brushes are a great addition to have. 

Get CXSource brushes here (link). They also come in a range of colours, but of course i chose the white and gold (oooh so classy).

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