Product Review: Sleek Lace Blush by 3 Palette Review

I know i might be the last person on the planet to jump on the Sleek Lace Palette bandwagon but hey, im now all aboard. I love sleek cosmetics & have had a very long relationship with their blush palette in Sugar; it has three darker shades which are perfect for fall & winter. I have wanted to try the Lace palette for a while but never actually picked it up, but during a late night tesco run with the bestie, i threw caution to the wind & finally purchased.

This blush trio contains the shades 'Crochet' (A bright orange), 'Guipure' (Which is very similar to Nars Orgasm) & 'Chantilly' (A bright coral pink). Sleek blushes are so smooth, pigmented & blend perfectly, and this trio is no exception. I like using the matte shades during the day for a subtle daytime flush and adding the shimmery shade on top for a touch of glamour for the night time. 

'The ultimate blush palette with three complementary shades in one mirrored compact. A mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades, each palette has great variety, is highly pigmented and suited to all skin tones'

The pigmentation of Sleek Blushers never fail to impress me, but i have found you need to adapt a light hand when applying the matte blushes as the pigmentation is very bold. 

Lace trio contains one shimmer shade (Guipure) and two matte blushers (Crochet & Chantilly). I find these shades super wearable for fair/medium skin tones. I think Crochet would look extra beautiful on porcelain skin. Crochet is very similar to Mac Peaches Blush but with a stronger pigmentation, it can be applied lightly to the skin for a light flush of colour or built up for a stronger intensity for the slightly warmer months. 

Guipure looks very similar to Nars famous Blush in Orgasm. It is a lovely rose gold pink colour with tiny gold flex running through it. I adore how this gives an instant glow to the cheeks and really helps the cheek bones to pop. Chantilly is a beautiful bright coral pink shade that gives you that 'ive just been out in the cold' flushed cheek. 

The blushers in this palette along with all the other blushers from Sleek have great longevity, with a minimum of 6-7 hours wear. Once you try these, you will not regret it & regardless of the price tag, they are exceptionally good. 

The packaging from Sleek is so simple yet chic & classy looking. I love how they are so thin so they are great for travelling & popping into any makeup bag. For years Sleek has only been available to purchase in Superdrug stores but lately they have branched out into many other stores across the UK making it so much easier to get your hands on the more popular products from the brand.

I love how this palette has a mixture of shimmer & matte shades making it so versatile for travel and changing up your look from day to night. Although the shades seem a little 'oh there a little too bright' at first, but once applied to the skin they are very wearable everyday shades, especially during the summer months. The blushes in the Sugar Trio (link) are definitely more suitable to the winter months; Sleek have a brilliant range of trio's (blush by 3) for the great price of £9.99.

I think Guipure is my favourite in this trio as it is very similar to Nars Orgasm (link) and if i am being completely honest, i have a weakness for anything even remotely rose gold. It really adds a glow to the cheeks and makes my cheek bones pop, and when teamed with contouring & highlighter, it is to die for. Chantilly looks beautiful worn on tanned skin, adding that 'ive been in the sun' look without looking OTT. I have found i need a really light hand when applying this shade to the cheeks.

Crochet is my least favourite shade, however i still really like it. Everytime i look at this shade i think of teaming it with an orange lip and natural eyes; i think this would look flawless on porcelain/very fair skin. I cannot wait for the winter months for my tan to fade so i can give this look a try. 

  • A fantastic trio of super pigmented blushes, with great longevity for only £9.99
  • They focus on very wearable shades & a wide range of colours
  • The packaging is so simple yet chic & flawless. Great for travel
  • Are now accessible in Superdrug, Boots & Tesco
  • Not every shade in the trio's can be purchased separately. If you feel you would only wear the one shade, it may not always be available to buy as a single blush.
Have you ever tried Sleek Blushes? What do you think of the Lace Palette?

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