My Teeth Whitening Experience: Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips

My teeth have never been my favourite feature. They are not as straight as i would like them and were a feature i was always looking to improve; i think having real pearly whites looks beautiful. I had tried endless whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, bleaching agents, you name it i have tried it; even though my teeth were not exactly yellow, i wasn't close to the Simon Cowell whiteness i was wanting to achieve. During a very late night on line shopping session i came across the Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips with Advanced Seal. I had heard alot of positive reviews surrounding these strips so i threw caution to the wind and purchased. And thank the lord i did. 

I purchased twenty strips on eBay for £20.00, Crest says to use one strip for 30 minutes daily for ten days. However, i am really impatient so i did a strip in the morning for 30 minutes and a strip at night for 30 minutes for a total of five days. I have to say i have quite sensitive teeth at times and can sometimes find other whitening strips a little harsh and painful. However, these strips were 100% painless for me and i saw results after day one.

I am so impressed with these strips. They adhere amazingly to the teeth and are really comfortable to wear, Crest says you can drink water whilst wearing these strips; i did try this and the strips did not budge at all. Since using these strips i have had so many compliments on the whiteness of my teeth and questions on why they are so white. I would 100% recommend the Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips to anyone who wants to give their teeth a boost of whiteness with an at home treatment. 

I purchased my Strips here (link)
I purchased these very late Thursday night and i received them Saturday morning, & with free postage. Impressive.

What do you guys think? Have you tried the Crest Whitening Strips?

2 comments on "My Teeth Whitening Experience: Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips"
  1. I've been wanting to try something to whiten my teeth for a while now, I might try these, they sound so easy and cheap too!

    1. I would 100% recommend them. The seller i purchased them off was super quick with shipping too. I think i have gotten a little addicted xx


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