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I finally did it. I purchased the MAC warm neutral palette. I have had my eyes on this beauty for a long time now but always debated buying it, but for only £65 it is an absolute steal (although i dont think my bank card agrees with me). MAC have two 15 pan pre filled neutral palettes available; a cool toned palette (link) & a warm toned palette (link). This palette is so versatile it has a great range of shades so weather you want to rock a smoky eye, or a natural look is more your style this palette can do it all. 

My favourite shades amongst this beauty are Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Unwind & Butter Fudge.The shadows all blend effortlessly, have great pigmentation and longevity, as do all MAC eyeshadows. Dance In The Dark is a little powdery & can apply uneven at times so it requires a little more time with blending to get an even finish; also Lemon Tart is not a colour i would of chose for this palette as it is an awkward Creamy Yellow colour, but hey two disappointing colours out the entire palette isn't to bad in my opinion. 

Hey - Is a light peachy beige with a frosty sheen. It has great colour pay off & blends effortlessly, i have wore this just on its own all over the lid to brighten the eyes and make them appear more awake.
Warm Breeze - A light pinky beige shade with a satin/matte finish.  The texture of this shadow is so smooth & it is a great transition colour. 
Gingersnap - A rusty rose gold shade with a metallic/ frost finish. I love the pigmentation of this shadow and i think this shade will look stunning on green eyes. 
Dark Brew - A medium/dark chocolate brown with yellow undertones & is a satin finish although i would say it is closer to a matte. The undertones of this shadow are very warm, i think blended with a gold shadow would look flawless. 
Dance In The Dark - Very cool toned dark brown shade with a very matte finish. The formula for this shadow is a lot dryer so i find it difficult to blend as easily & allow it to adhere to the skin. 

Brule - A light beige colour with very neutral undertones. Although this shadow is a satin it again appears more of a matte, a brilliant everyday shade for brightening the eyes. 
Vanilla Extract - A medium yellowish gold with a frost finish. This shadow has almost a slightly wet texture, but i find this helpful when building up the intensity of the shadow. 
Honey Lust - This is my favourite colour in the whole palette. A warm copper toned orange with gold & copper micro glitter throughout. Typical of the lustre finish the texture is quite gritty but this shade is so flawless & has great longevity.
Amber Light - A very vibrant warm toned copper with a metallic sheen. This shadow has alot of brown undertones to it making it very wearable for everyday. A very soft butter like texture & fabulous colour pay off. 
Saddle - A medium warm toned brown with a matte finish. The texture of this shadow can be a little on the powdery side but has great pigmentation so i can forgive the fallout. 

Lemon Tart - This is my least favourite shade from this palette. It is a muted yellow gold shade with a very frosty sheen. Although the texture is really smooth & colour pay off is good i just find this a really awkward shade to wear. 
Butterfudge - A rich gold brown with warm undertones & tiny gold flex running throughout. The colour pay off is excellent and the texture is lovely & smooth. 
Creative Copper - Rich copper brown shade with a frosted finish. The undertones of this shadow are very warm & although there is some fall out, it is nothing that is too noticeable.
Unwind - A dark bronze with shimmering red & orange undertones running throughout. The colour pay off is really good & blends effortlessly.
Divine Decadence -  Muted yellow/ khaki colour, very similar to an olive shade. The texture is incredibly soft & buttery and colour pigmentation is excellent. 

This palette contains four permanent shades, four re-promoted shades & eleven entirely new shadow shades. Unlike the 'build your own' MAC palettes, the inserts are not removable so shadows cannot be swapped around into quads or other palettes. Personally this is not an issue for me but for travel purposes it may be a slight hindrance. 

1. The price. At £65 how can you not?
2. Amazing Pigmentation
3. Great shades that all compliment each other
4. Very little or No fallout
5. Great for makeup newbies who are building up their collection

1. The inserts are not removable so if you travel a lot, it may be a slight pain
2. Requires a matte black shade
3. The Naked Palette from Urban Decay is much cheaper

My final opinion:
I am in love with this palette. I do not know why i waited so long to purchase this. I have tried the shadows with & without a primer and have experienced no creasing & my shadow lasts all day. Although there are other neutral palettes out there i do think that MAC have pulled it out of the box, the only bad side is.... i am now contemplating the Cool Palette (OH NO!!!).

What do you think? Have you tried out this palette before?
Whats your favourite shade?


3 comments on "Mac Warm Neutral Palette"
  1. LOVE this post!! I'm such a sucker for warm neutral shadows!

    1. Thankyou very much! Me too, so worth the £65 in my opinion xx

  2. I think its totally worth it ...great purchase
    New subbie


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