Be A Match, Save A Life With Anthony Nolan

So, i understand this post is not my usual content but it is something really close to my heart and screams huge importance to me. I have been a blood donor for many years now, i have made alot of donations and it is something i am very proud of myself for accomplishing. If i can donate the means to save or improve a life, i am more than willing to help. 

I am also on the bone marrow donation register. This register is a cause very close to my heart & i feel it is not as widely known as the giving blood organisation. Donating bone marrow can help with the treatment of many blood cancers & disorders; joining the register provides someone with the best chance of finding a match to improve chances of survival. 

Over the past year i have experienced alot of broken hearted & worried families visiting their loved ones in hospital due to illness, surgery and disease. My eyes have been opened to what goes on when families walk out of those hospital doors and it truly is touching; parents who dont sleep with worry, children who are too ill to attend school and families who spend 24 hours a day fundraising for treatments & donors. This should never be the case. 

The AMAZING Organisation of Anthony Nolan have inspired 500,000 people to become potential lifesavers & join their register. It takes less than five minutes to sign up, you will be sent a swab in the post for testing, and you are eligible to save a life. On average they make more than 1000 transplants happen every year, could you be the person to make a difference?

Blood Cancer & Disorders are terrifying, exhausting, frustrating, & emotional.
By joining the donor register you are offering the chance of life to someone else, weather it be a family member, a friend, your sisters best friends cousin or a complete stranger. What can be more rewarding than saving a life and a family from heartbreak. It really is so simple. 

This is unfortunately something i have alot of experience with and continue to deal with in my present. Children dont deserve this. Adults dont deserve this. I am aware this post is not my usual content and i am not in any way pushing my beliefs onto anyone, or forcing anyone to register; but if by reading this one person signs up to the register, it could mean a child gets to rejoin his classmates at school, a mother is around for her children or a grandparent can watch their grandchild get married on their wedding day.

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