Battle Of The Red Lipsticks

My oh my, alot has been happening this week. Ive been a busy gal which has resulted in a huge lack of beauty sleep, this week the brightening eyeliners & eyeshadows have been well and truly utilised. Another makeup tip i have used in an attempt to appear more alive and human is red lipsticks. I love a bright classic red lip, i think they look great on everyone and really help to make you appear more awake (by distracting the attention away from my undereye circles of course). 

However choosing the right red lippy can be as entertaining as drying knives & forks. In all honestly i get a little stressed trying to find a shade that is not too brown or too blue toned i usually end up walking out without making a purchase; but after alot of trial and error i think i have mastered it. 

What i have learned is that it is not just the colour that makes 'your red' but how bright it is against the skin. If you have fair skin, orange toned reds are going to pop alot more on your lips as brighter colours contrast with paler skin, whereas darker skin beauties have a much simpler time pulling off such a bright toned red as there is less contrast against the skin. However, darker skin also looks great with cool toned reds (such as a blue toned shade) for a darker contrast. 

Today, i am starting with the basics & bringing you my top seven red lip products i think are worthy of making the cut. 

Ready? Lets go!


Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic - These have had alot of chit chat in the beauty blog community over the past few years. The shade range of these lip products range from a neon red to a really pale nude with an overall choice of eight shades. The product has a a lip gloss style applicator, with crazy pigmentation and great lasting power. Rimmel Apocalyptic Apocalips (wow that's hard to say out loud) dries with a satin like finish which in time dries to a slightly matter finish; however they are not drying at all. I find this product lasts a minimum of 6-7 hours on the lips, even after eating & drinking which is a big plus for me with a red lip as i find they can be quite fiddly to touch up. A winner in my book. Get Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic here (link)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107- This is one of my favourite lipsticks for the colder/winter months. This lipstick has such a velvetly feel on the lips and is so light and comfortable to wear.I love how this is a darker slightly purple shade perfect for those edgy days. The only downside to this lipstick is i find it smudges quite easily, i dont find it to be too much of an issue but i find myself checking it alot in the mirror to avoid pink foundation smudges. Overall, i think the Kate Moss lipsticks are great value and shade 107 is a must try. Get Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 here (link)

Maybelline Superstay 10 Hour Tint Gloss - I have a bone to pick with Maybelline. Why is there no shade on the bottle? I find this really irritating as it is hard to find the exact shade again. This is the lightest red shade in the 10 Hour Tint range and i love it. I tend to reach for this when getting ready for a night out or a meal as i know that is not going to budge or fade in the middle leaving me with what looks like horrendous lip liner (#girlprobs). It is a slightly lighter shade of red, so it is defiantly less maintenance to maintain, brilliant for the summer months. This product like Rimmel Apocalips comes with a lip gloss style applicator and after approximately two-three minutes soaks into the lips leaving them with a lovely even stain. Give this a try. Get Maybelline Superstay 10 Hour Tint Gloss here (link)

Mac Maleficent Lipstick in True Loves Kiss - This lipstick was part of the limited edition Mac Collection for the release of the movie, Maleficent. I have a confession. A few months back i reviewed my Mac lipstick collection & gave this lipstick abit of a harsh review, however after using it alot more recently i have really fell in love & gained a new best friend. This lipstick is the perfect glossy red shade, has great lasting power and really helps to complete your makeup look. I was shopping in boots yesterday wearing this & two sale assistants approached me and asked me what lipstick i was wearing. It must be a good one ay? Unfortunately, this was part of a limited edition collection but if you can get your hands on it, i would defiantly give it a whirly bird. 

No7 Lipstick in Mulberry - Now, this lipstick is definatly the most muted red shade in this episode of top picks (aimee, it is not a tv show). I purchased this lipstick as part of an offer in boots a few months back and at first glance i was unsure if i would ever wear this shade, but after testing it out i really like it. It is a very natural red shade, i am aware that sounds a little crazy but it really is. If you have never tried red lipstick before but are wanting to give it a go, i would recommend heading down to your nearest No7 counter and trying it for yourself. Get No7 Lipstick in Mulberry here (link)

 Revlon Colorstay Suede in Trendsetter - Can we just take a minute to appreciate the texture of this lipstick? So smooth, So velvet like, So light. I am not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks as i more than often find them too trying and patchy on the lips but this lipstick is swimming in an entirely different pond. I find it glides on the lips so easily and leaves you with a beautifully red pout. The only downside to this lipstick is you get around four hours wear before a top up is needed, but i dont find that too be too much of an issue as they are a dream to apply. Get Revlon Colorstay Suede in Trendsetter here (link)

Mac Russian Red - The queen of all red lipsticks has been left till last. I think this lipstick speaks for itself in the category of reds. This little beauty has had alot of fame on beauty blogs, YouTube and in magazines but who can blame it. Mac's Russian Red leaves a beautiful mid toned matte finish to the lips, has amazing lasting power without feeling to dry. This is my go to red lip for when i want that Hollywood glamour vibe; it never fails to disappoint. Get Mac's Russian Red here (link)

What is your favourite go to red lipstick? 

2 comments on "Battle Of The Red Lipsticks"
  1. I love the colour of that Rimmel Apocalips! My go to red lip is proabablt Ruby Woo x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter | Liz Earle Giveaway!

  2. I have never tried Ruby Woo, although ive always wanted to. I think i will give it a go xx


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