August Beauty Favourites

I am finding it kind of crazy summer time is over already. I am all geared up and ready to break into the the autumn/winter months. I love nothing more than the noise of stepping on crispy leaves and the smell of bonfires on late nights. I have been super busy during this month, and due to this my makeup bag has been a little neglected from an organisation stand point. It is bulging at the seams with products so i feel very prepared to discuss my favourites from the month. 

My first favourite is Limecrime's Lipstick in Poisonberry. This is my ideal autumn/winter shade. It is a very deep purple berry shade that really makes a statement on the lips; this lipstick has great lasting power of about 5-6 hours without touch up's, and fades to a lovely even stain. I know that when i apply this i am pretty much good to go for the rest of the day. I picked this up at IMATS London 2014 for about £10 but you can purchase this lipstick here. I have also been loving YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in shade 29, it is such a natural everyday colour that i feel would suit any skin tone. The texture of this lipstick is incredibly creamy, moisturising & comfortable to wear on the lips, it could be very easy for me to gain an obsession with these. You can purchase this lipstick here.

During our skincare routines we tend to pay special attention to our skin and around the delicate skin of our eyes, but we often neglect our lips. During this month, prior to applying lipstick i have been using the Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum. I do not know how i ever lived without this product. It leaves the lips feeling so soft and plump, i use this every morning as a prep for lipstick and i really have seen a difference in the longevity in my lipstick. They also fade to an even shade and lip balm moisturises the lips alot more thoroughly when using this. A staple in my skin care routine. You can get this lip scrub here.

Also on the topic of skincare, this month i have been a little addicted to NARS Eye Makeup Remover. I am a true mascara lover and tend to wear several coats on a daily basis so removing it can sometimes be a nightmare; but i have found this eye makeup remover a godsend. I hold a cotton pad soaked with the solution on my eye for about 20-30 seconds and all eye makeup is removed in one swipe. Check this eye makeup remover out here

I am a true makeup brush addict, and have a long lasting relationship with the real techniques buffing brush. It blends in foundation so nicely and leaves skin with a real airbrush finish. However, i have been a traitor and fell in love with my XCSource Flat Top Kabuki this month. It buffs foundation in so quickly, helps to cover every imperfection and  leaves skin with an almost porcelain appearance. I am truly in love. You can purchase this brush as part of a set here.

This month i have been more than in love with Mac paint pots. I have been using these religiously since i purchased these, i do not know how i once lived without them. They blend effortlessly, do not crease, help to enhance and prolong wear of shadows and just look flawless. I have the shades, soft ochre, lets skate and tailor grey. I would recommend anyone who loves makeup to try these, i can see this love becoming a financial issue very soon. You can pick Mac paint pots up here

What are your beauty favourites of the month? Have you tried anything new recently?


3 comments on "August Beauty Favourites"
  1. I do need to try the Lush lipscrub hear all good things, I so need a YSL in my life too - nice picks :) xx

    1. I would 100% recommend them! Plus they smell really good. Thankyou :) xx


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