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August Beauty Favourites

I am finding it kind of crazy summer time is over already. I am all geared up and ready to break into the the autumn/winter months. I love nothing more than the noise of stepping on crispy leaves and the smell of bonfires on late nights. I have been super busy during this month, and due to this my makeup bag has been a little neglected from an organisation stand point. It is bulging at the seams with products so i feel very prepared to discuss my favourites from the month. 

My first favourite is Limecrime's Lipstick in Poisonberry. This is my ideal autumn/winter shade. It is a very deep purple berry shade that really makes a statement on the lips; this lipstick has great lasting power of about 5-6 hours without touch up's, and fades to a lovely even stain. I know that when i apply this i am pretty much good to go for the rest of the day. I picked this up at IMATS London 2014 for about £10 but you can purchase this lipstick here. I have also been loving YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in shade 29, it is such a natural everyday colour that i feel would suit any skin tone. The texture of this lipstick is incredibly creamy, moisturising & comfortable to wear on the lips, it could be very easy for me to gain an obsession with these. You can purchase this lipstick here.

During our skincare routines we tend to pay special attention to our skin and around the delicate skin of our eyes, but we often neglect our lips. During this month, prior to applying lipstick i have been using the Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum. I do not know how i ever lived without this product. It leaves the lips feeling so soft and plump, i use this every morning as a prep for lipstick and i really have seen a difference in the longevity in my lipstick. They also fade to an even shade and lip balm moisturises the lips alot more thoroughly when using this. A staple in my skin care routine. You can get this lip scrub here.

Also on the topic of skincare, this month i have been a little addicted to NARS Eye Makeup Remover. I am a true mascara lover and tend to wear several coats on a daily basis so removing it can sometimes be a nightmare; but i have found this eye makeup remover a godsend. I hold a cotton pad soaked with the solution on my eye for about 20-30 seconds and all eye makeup is removed in one swipe. Check this eye makeup remover out here

I am a true makeup brush addict, and have a long lasting relationship with the real techniques buffing brush. It blends in foundation so nicely and leaves skin with a real airbrush finish. However, i have been a traitor and fell in love with my XCSource Flat Top Kabuki this month. It buffs foundation in so quickly, helps to cover every imperfection and  leaves skin with an almost porcelain appearance. I am truly in love. You can purchase this brush as part of a set here.

This month i have been more than in love with Mac paint pots. I have been using these religiously since i purchased these, i do not know how i once lived without them. They blend effortlessly, do not crease, help to enhance and prolong wear of shadows and just look flawless. I have the shades, soft ochre, lets skate and tailor grey. I would recommend anyone who loves makeup to try these, i can see this love becoming a financial issue very soon. You can pick Mac paint pots up here

What are your beauty favourites of the month? Have you tried anything new recently?


My Teeth Whitening Experience: Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips

My teeth have never been my favourite feature. They are not as straight as i would like them and were a feature i was always looking to improve; i think having real pearly whites looks beautiful. I had tried endless whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, bleaching agents, you name it i have tried it; even though my teeth were not exactly yellow, i wasn't close to the Simon Cowell whiteness i was wanting to achieve. During a very late night on line shopping session i came across the Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips with Advanced Seal. I had heard alot of positive reviews surrounding these strips so i threw caution to the wind and purchased. And thank the lord i did. 

I purchased twenty strips on eBay for £20.00, Crest says to use one strip for 30 minutes daily for ten days. However, i am really impatient so i did a strip in the morning for 30 minutes and a strip at night for 30 minutes for a total of five days. I have to say i have quite sensitive teeth at times and can sometimes find other whitening strips a little harsh and painful. However, these strips were 100% painless for me and i saw results after day one.

I am so impressed with these strips. They adhere amazingly to the teeth and are really comfortable to wear, Crest says you can drink water whilst wearing these strips; i did try this and the strips did not budge at all. Since using these strips i have had so many compliments on the whiteness of my teeth and questions on why they are so white. I would 100% recommend the Crest 3D Advanced Whitening Strips to anyone who wants to give their teeth a boost of whiteness with an at home treatment. 

I purchased my Strips here (link)
I purchased these very late Thursday night and i received them Saturday morning, & with free postage. Impressive.

What do you guys think? Have you tried the Crest Whitening Strips?


Wishlist: River Island's A/W Collection

1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7 ¦ 8 ¦ 9 ¦ 10 ¦ 11

Now the rainy weather and cold days have crept back in i have found myself all excited for autumn/winter fashion. I love this time of year when the nights are getting darker earlier, the ground is covered in a sea of fallen leaves that crisp under your feet as you walk. So excited. Until i go to catch the train or get in my car and everything is delayed due to ice, then i wish for summer again. I can never win. 

Every new season i tend to pop to the shops and pick up a few new pieces for my seasonal wardrobe. I have exhausted the makeup wishlist for the moment but whilst out shopping with boyfy yesterday, i 100% fell in love with everything from River Island's new A/W collection. I would be completely satisfied to just have this entire collection as my 2014 winter wardrobe. I thought i would share a few of my new favourite loves with you guys. 

What is your favourite item from the collection?


I Accepted The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I was nominated to undertake the new craze of the ice bucket challenge. I am sure many of you have heard of this by now with it sweeping every news feed on social media, radio stations & tv programmes. But in case you haven't heard of this challenge i consists of pouring a bucket of ice cold water over your head in order to raise money for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as MND in the UK (Motor Neurone Disease) and spread awareness for the terrible illness. 

I am not going to lie, it is not pleasurable but all for a good cause.
Have you taken this challenge yet?
Link them below so i can check them out, well done for anyone who has taken part.


FOTD: Everyday Is A Makeup Day


One of my favourite ways to relax is to take a long romantic walk up the makeup aisle. I feel instantly relaxed when i am swatching all the products and standing in awe at the glittery eye shadow's i would hardly ever have the chance to wear, yet purchase anyway. Since ive been on my summer holidays from uni, it has resulted in alot of crazy makeup shopping and i have accumulated alot of products i still am yet to try out. So today, i decided to give some of them a whirl.

I started with ESTÉE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR MAXIMUM COVER foundation and blended it out with my fingers. I was so surprised at the level of coverage of this foundation, i used a pea sized amount for my entire face, keeps the skin to a matte/satin finish and once set it will not budge. I set my foundation with a light dusting of MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER just through my T-zone and blended BODY SHOP HONEY BRONZER onto the high points of my face for a natural glow. I finished off my base with a light touch of MAC SOFT & GENTLE and popped a little of MAC TAILOR GREY PAINT POT all over the lid before applying MAC TEMPTING over the top. Since i wanted to keep this makeup very simple i blended MAC BUTTER FUDGE over the top and towards the inner corner to brighten my eyes and make them less dramatic. Although i wanted this look to be subtle, i could not resist using my LOVE ALPHA FIBRE MASCARA to give my long, thick lashes; i swear it is fake eyelashes in a tube. Now, my friends call me strange for applying my mascara before eye liner but i feel you can get a more defined liner with this technique and it helps stop you over applying the eye liner. Looking at these pictures now i wish i had done a subtle cat flick to add a touch of glamour but instead i used LOREAL SUPER LINER to define my lash line and popped RIMMEL EYE KOHL in intense black on my waterline.

Keeping with the everyday theme of this makeup i used MAC MORNING ROSE lipstick, which is off course is another creamsheen formula. This is my perfect everyday shade; A true 'my lips but better colour' always helps to brighten the complexion and helps keeps it looking super natural. 

What's your favourite everyday makeup look? What products do you use on a daily basis?


Mini Beauty Haul

Today i made a little trip to Cheshire Oaks with my little sister. I love Cheshire Oaks for shopping; i spend most of the day pondering in and out of shops i cant afford with my current student status, and stuffing my face in the surrounding restaurants. My favourite part about visiting Cheshire Oaks is the Cosmetics Company Outlet; i can literally spend an hour in that store swatching and testing products. However, even with the discounts, i managed to control myself and only purchased a few items.

As soon as i walked through the door my eyes made an instant connection with the Estée Lauder products. Being a full coverage foundation kind of a gal, i am in love with their Double Wear Foundation. It is full coverage, lasts all day but also feels light on the skin. However, ive had my eyes on the Double Wear Maximum Cover for a while now; this product can cover tattoo's, birthmarks, stretch marks etc so its very heavy duty foundation. I've seen several positive reviews for this so i cant wait to give it a try, and for only £20.75, i couldn't say no.

They only had a small selection of lipsticks at the MAC stand, however i purchased the shade Morning Rose, a creamsheen, and is the perfect 'your lips but better' colour. I love the way creamsheen formulas feel on the lips, a real winner and for only £10. I also purchased a paint pot in Tailor Grey. Now, i am aware purchasing three paint pots in the space of three days is a little excessive but i just cannot get enough. They have fantastic staying power, no creasing, and help to accentuate any shadow placed on top. This shade looks stunning under a shimmery bronze, or even on its own. This shade will be going straight into my makeup bag; for only £10 i had to restrain myself from buying them all.  

Have you found any makeup bargains lately?


FOTD: Poisonberry Grunge


One of my favourite fashion picks of the moment is my £7 primark hat. Every time i wear it i feel as though i am channelling my inner grunge/ edgy side, although sadly i dont think that is true. I decided to keep my makeup look true to my usual look but with a bit more edge.

I started with my trusty base combo. Using my Real Techniques buffing brush i blended a small amount of MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID, into my skin before setting with a light dusting of MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER. Rather than be too bronzed i used a small amount of BODY SHOP HONEY BRONZER IN 02 for a natural glow, then moving onto NARS HUNGRY HEART BLUSH and MAC SOFT & GENTLE to give the cheeks a natural glow. This is my new favourite blush combo, it gives the most amazing warm colour to the cheeks that lasts all day. I changed my eye shadow up a bit and went with MAC SATIN TAUPE all over the lid before blending MAC SMUT into the crease. I love these shades together, the cool undertones in smut compliment satin taupe so well. This smokey eye is so quick & effortless to create. If your a cat flick lover LOREAL SUPER LINER is a must buy, i find creating the perfect flick a challenge but this applicator makes it so simple. I ran RIMMEL EYE KOHL over my tightline to bring the whole look together and gives the eyelashes a thicker look at the base. Unlucky for me my much loved LOVE ALPHA MASCARA is on its last legs, so i have to repurchase a few back up's of this. 

Finally, i wanted to go big or go home with my lips so i opted for LIMECRIME POISONBERRY, a deep berry purple shade. I love the lasting power of this lipstick, with only one touch up throughout the day, this baby definitely has excellent staying power when eating & drinking. 

What's your go to makeup look when you fancy a change?


Trafford Centre And F&B's? Why Not!

Yesterday i spent the day shopping with my beautiful best friend and i have come to the conclusion i am some what of an enabler. After spending close to an hour trying to find a parking space, we finally entered the Trafford Centre. We spent the day strolling round all the shops, and after spending an obscene amount of time at the MAC counter, we had purchased alot of non essential items. But hey, YOLO right?

I have had my eyes on MAC paint pots for a while now so i threw caution to the wind and finally purchased two shades. Soft Ochre, which is a very opaque flesh toned shade. Being a girl that prefers to lie in bed an extra ten minutes as opposed to mastering the perfect smokey eye everyday, i thought this would be a great addition to my collection to brighten my eye area on mornings when i am running a little late. I also purchased the shade, Lets Skate. The tiny gold flex in this paint pot instantly had me sold. Its very different to anything i have in my collection, so i am really happy to finally have my hands on it. Superdrug was holding a £3 off promotion on Revlon, so i decided to pick up one of their moisture stains in the shade India Intrigue, which is a really bright pink. I have seen so many positive reviews on these so i have high hopes for this product. 

Before leaving the Trafford Centre i had to swing by Lush and pick up a few essential bath items. Now i am usually a shower kind of a gal but every now and then i enjoy a nice relaxing bath to chill out and have some pamper time to myself. I picked up the bubble bar in Creamy Candy and a Butterball bath bomb. I tried these earlier tonight and i have to say, Butterball has me hooked, it leaves the skin feeling so smooth and moisturised.

What would a shopping day be without going out for food? We tucked into a Red Feast pizza from Frankie & Benny's, with a side of onion rings and a giant banofee sundae. I did not feel one ounce of guilt.

How did you spend your weekend?


Be A Match, Save A Life With Anthony Nolan

So, i understand this post is not my usual content but it is something really close to my heart and screams huge importance to me. I have been a blood donor for many years now, i have made alot of donations and it is something i am very proud of myself for accomplishing. If i can donate the means to save or improve a life, i am more than willing to help. 

I am also on the bone marrow donation register. This register is a cause very close to my heart & i feel it is not as widely known as the giving blood organisation. Donating bone marrow can help with the treatment of many blood cancers & disorders; joining the register provides someone with the best chance of finding a match to improve chances of survival. 

Over the past year i have experienced alot of broken hearted & worried families visiting their loved ones in hospital due to illness, surgery and disease. My eyes have been opened to what goes on when families walk out of those hospital doors and it truly is touching; parents who dont sleep with worry, children who are too ill to attend school and families who spend 24 hours a day fundraising for treatments & donors. This should never be the case. 

The AMAZING Organisation of Anthony Nolan have inspired 500,000 people to become potential lifesavers & join their register. It takes less than five minutes to sign up, you will be sent a swab in the post for testing, and you are eligible to save a life. On average they make more than 1000 transplants happen every year, could you be the person to make a difference?

Blood Cancer & Disorders are terrifying, exhausting, frustrating, & emotional.
By joining the donor register you are offering the chance of life to someone else, weather it be a family member, a friend, your sisters best friends cousin or a complete stranger. What can be more rewarding than saving a life and a family from heartbreak. It really is so simple. 

This is unfortunately something i have alot of experience with and continue to deal with in my present. Children dont deserve this. Adults dont deserve this. I am aware this post is not my usual content and i am not in any way pushing my beliefs onto anyone, or forcing anyone to register; but if by reading this one person signs up to the register, it could mean a child gets to rejoin his classmates at school, a mother is around for her children or a grandparent can watch their grandchild get married on their wedding day.


Current Nail Polish Loves

Over the years i have accumulated quite a substantial nail polish collection, from Rimmel, to Barry M to OPI to Ciate, ive tried them all. Unfortunately, nurses cannot wear nail polish of any kind so my relationship with my polishes has been lacking the past year; but during the summer holidays i have had the chance to rekindle my love for painting my nails. So today i thought id share with you my top six polishes off the moment. 

Essie In Head Mistress - A gorgeous sexy seductive red shade, has great longevity and is very opaque. This is the perfect red shade and suits every skin tone. 

Models Own in Luis Lemon - My favourite summer shade. I love neon yellow polish with a tan; its such a summery shade that i find difficult to wear in the cooler months. 

Urban Decay in  Metquarter - I think this is such a unique shade; It is a lovely dark purple shade with red and silver flex running through it. This dries to a semi matte finish so i tend to put a top coat on top to keep it shiny. 

Barry M in Berry Ice Cream - I have repurchased several bottles of this because it is such a versatile, pretty shade that can be worn all year round. It looks so girly and has great lasting power on the nails. 

OPI in Kiss Me On My Tulips - The perfect long lasting shiny bubblegum pink shade to have ever graced nail polish land. It is so opaque, applies like a dream and lasts a minimum of 5-6 days before chipping. 

Angelica in Spring Break - I purchased this cheap and cheerful polish from primark for £1 in the sale, and boy i am happy i did. This polish has great glitter pay off when applied to the nails, and stays super shiny 

Whats your favourite polish of the moment?


Wardrobe Colour Injection

After thoroughly enjoying Anna's Wardrobe Week (Vivianna Does Makeup), i decided to give my wardrobe a good old clear out and finally get rid of the items i no longer wear or look a little worse for wear. I quickly noticed there was a trend going on with my wardrobe picks, they lacked colour. I tend to wear alot of black, browns, navy, maroon, greys; the boring colours that go with everything. After some time of sorting all my clothes into a keep, get rid and maybe pile, placing them back on hangers and popping them into a new colour order in my wardrobe i hit the online shopping for some new pieces. 

I have no idea why i always gravitate to darker tones, although i think it has something to do with English weather and my love for the winter months. After some time on many clothing websites and nosing round stores i have added a few items to my wishlist for when pay day rolls around. I sometimes feel that bright colours should only be used in the summer an darker tones are reserved for the autumn and winter months, but who made this rule? This year i will be rocking my turquoise bobble hat and lilac watch in the snow.

What are your favourite wardrobe picks?



Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

One thing i am really bad with is deep cleansing my makeup brushes; i just find it so tedious and time consuming. I only really started using this method this year and i have to say, i'm sold. Im sure many of you have heard of or tried this method, but i think there are probably many brush users that may not know what spot cleaning is or tried this method, i was once that girl.  I usually deep clean my brushes on Sunday's and I spot clean my brushes four- five times during the week in order to keep them as hygienic as i can. The thought of all the bacteria, oil and grime that builds up on them kinda creeps me out a little (Germaphobe right here). Since i have started spot cleaning my brushes i have noticed a huge impact. 

Spot cleaning is a quick cleansing method you can use after using each brush, in between during application or even before use. Its perfect for you impatient guys and gals like me who are always in a hurry and need the brushes to dry instantly. At IMATS London 2014, i purchased the Mac Brush Cleanser after pondering on the idea for quite some time, and lets just say i am so glad i did. Mac Brush cleanser will disinfect, condition and help to keep your brushes in tip top condition, such a useful product to have in your collection. I purchased mine in June 2014 and three months later i have only used up a quarter of the bottle, so you get alot of bang for your buck. 

The easiest way i have found to do this is to have an old towel at hand and either pour or spritz (i have found the pumps from superdrug fit the bottle perfectly) a small amount on to the towel and just swipe my brush back and forth in the product. The excess product comes away so easily and the brush is left disinfected and clean looking; with this brush cleanser i have found my brushes are dry within 30 seconds and are left feeling silky soft, which is great for swapping colours out during application. 

Unfortunately spot cleaning your brushes wont care for them completely, they will still need a deep clean using warm water and either brush shampoo or baby shampoo once a week. Spot cleaning will not only condition and extend the life of your brushes, but prevents staining and bacteria build up before deep clean day. 

If missed out on all these years of spot cleaning. Mac Brush Cleanser, i sing your praises. 


The Lazy Monday Edit

Last week i went out for dinner with my best friend. We really indulged ourselves and had a good ole catch up. We live in different towns; both have jobs as well as being student nurses so life can sometimes get pretty hectic for us, so whenever we have a bit of spare time we tend to make plans. I felt not one piece of guilt whilst tucking into my chocolate sundae with lashings of whipped cream. 

I have really been enjoying Anna's (from vivianna does makeup) wardrobe week series. After watching her video on clearing out your wardrobe & organisation tips (link) i felt instantly inspired to be ruthless and give my wardrobe a huge clear out. I now have alot more room and can see everything i own very easily, of course it is an excuse to buy more clothes.

I have been working out alot this week; I hate the gym and i can never motivate myself to spend hours sweating it out on the treadmill. I have been doing alot of boxercise and jeeze i have been feeling the burn the next day, but have found great enjoyment in it. I have also been following spinning classes i have found on YouTube (link). The instructor, Jessica is great and really keeps you going, if you have an exercise bike at home, give it a go. What have you got to loose?

It has also come to my attention this week i am some what of an enabler. I have struck once again as three of my friends have purchased my recommendations this week, its a good job they like them. 

My instagram find of the week is Prayers For Ellie (link). This incredibly brave little girl has been diagnosed with stage three brain cancer, has completed six rounds of chemotherapy and been through five brain surgeries and still has the most beautiful smile painted on her face. She has such a beautiful big sister and is surrounded by such a supporting family. #prayersforellie

I am really excited to start back at university again. Although the summer has been great, i miss my hectic lifestyle, being in the nurse environment and surrounding myself in to do lists and cute post it notes. I love being a student nurse and i cannot wait for September to roll around so i get to develop and grow all over again. 


Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Lets be honest, High School Sucks. I didn't have a great high school experience and i could not wait to leave and move onto College & University to really start living my own life. I wish these kind of video's and blog posts were around when i was in high school, because i feel i really would of benefited from them. 

When i was in high school, i thought that was my life forever. I would always be pushed aside, i would always be put down and i would always be unhappy with the way i look. This is not the case. If you are feeling like this keep telling yourself, things change, people change & this is just a hurdle in your life. If i could turn back the clock here are a few things i would tell myself.

1. You are your own worst critic. Only you is going to look in the mirror and see the 100 things you dont like about yourself and your body. No one else will see these. One of my biggest regrets is letting these things stop me from doing what i wanted to do. I am 5ft 9 inches tall and i hated my height throughout my whole childhood, although i am still not happy about  the comments such as 'wow, your tall' and 'i didnt expect you to be so tall' i have learnt to embrace it, hello long legs.

2. Don't be afraid to branch out and make new friends. I know when i was in school, there was alot of cliques and your friendship circles formed around who you sat next too in lessons or who was on your 'popularity level'. This doesn't necessarily mean this is a good thing. Branch out, speak to your peers and most importantly, spend your time with people you have things in common with. 

3. Follow your mums advice. Mum's have a sixth sense about things; i swear they do. As a teenager i always thought my mum was just trying to ruin my plans and make my life difficult, but really they do have your best interests at heart. I really wish i had known that. My mum is like my best friend and i think she knows me better than i know myself. 

4. Puberty is a good thing. Ok i'll be honest it isn't a walk in the park and it involves many storms but the outcome is often a summer's day (cheesy analogy for you there). I was always that girl at school that was always put down for my appearance, never noticed by any guys and i never felt good enough for anything or anyone. However, the summer before college started, i changed. Things changed. My body changed, my personality changed and my confidence grew. Things will all work out in the end. 

5. Do you. Focus on what you want and who you want to be. I think alot of us when we are teen's tend to focus on what everyone else is doing, wearing, going etc. It is very easy to follow the 'trends' and i was very guilty of this growing up. The summer after leaving school was the time in my life i really found myself, what i wanted and my goals in life. Moral of the story, dont be a sheep, be the sheepdog. 

6. Ignore peoples first reactions. Often when we do something new we fear how people will react to us and this can often stop us trying new things. If there is something you want to do, do it! People will adapt and accept how you are now. 


Product Review: XCSource Makeup Brush Review

Raise your hands if you get excited over new makeup brushes? 
I have had my eyes on these beauties for a long time now but i have such a good relationship with my real techniques brushes i didn't feel i needed them; but hey who needs a reason to buy new makeup brushes? So i finally threw caution to the wind and decided to order them, at £10.99 for 10 brushes it was worth a try. 

The set consists of five face brushes and five smaller brushes that can be used for eye shadow, concealer and even lipstick. This set is brilliant for anyone just starting out in makeup as it has the majority of brushes you would need (i wish it came with a blush or powder brush), but even with having quite a large brush collection myself (i am not proud of it), i still find them a great addition to have in my collection.  

Flat Kabuki Brush - I have found this brush to be a great dupe for the sigma F80; It really helps to buff the foundation into the skin giving a flawless finish. The amazingly soft bristles allow the foundation to easily glide along the skin without shedding or absorbing too much product, i love the finish this brush gives. The only negative i have found with this brush is i wish it was a little bit more dense as it can take sometime to evenly distribute the product around different areas of the face.

Angled Kabuki Brush - I love this brush for cream blushes. This brush has great flexibility so it really helps with buffing blush into the foundation to give the effect of a natural flush. I have also been using this brush for cream bronzer; my skin is quite tan at the moment so i have really been enjoying using creams to keep everything as natural as possible. The softness of this brush is to die for (sometimes i spend a little longer on buffing in the product just because of how soft the brush is). Guilty.

Tapered Kabuki Brush - This is my least favourite out of the five face brushes in this set. The brush is still incredibly soft, and does not in any way lack the quality of the others, i just find it too be an awkward shape i cant quite find a use for. It is described as 'for those hard to reach contours on the face', however i dont seem to find a reason to swap my brushes out whilst applying my foundation.

Round Kabuki Brush - I have also been using this for foundation application; and it is great. It blends effortlessly, and leaves your foundation with an airbrush finish. This brush is a great dupe for the real techniques buffing brush, which is great for when i have been really lazy and not washed my brushes yet (we all do it).

Flat Angled Kabuki Brush - After using this brush i found that it is more suitable for applying powder to the skin rather than creams or liquids as it is quite flimsy. This is another brush i haven't really found a use for in this set as the density makes blending cream products quite difficult. This brush also sheds hairs quite alot. Lets just say i would not of chosen this brush myself.

Precision Flat Brush - This brush is fabulous; this very mini stippling brush is perfect for stippling concealer onto small blemishes and sun spots. I have a two small acne scars on my cheeks and by stippling my concealer on with this brush, it completely erases them. Before purchasing this set i had never seen a concealer brush like this before, i am really glad i now have it in my collection.

Precision Round Brush - Dupe for the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. It is a great universal brush and i wish there was at least two of these in this set. I have used this to blend my concealer under my eyes and sides of my nose, apply primer to my eyelid and also to apply eye shadow for a simple wash of colour. I wish you could buy these separately because i would defiantly own more than one. 

Precision Angled Brush - I have mixed feelings about this brush. It is lovely and soft and blends product beautifully but it is just to big to use in the eye area, especially the crease. If you have more space between your eyelid and brow it may be great for you, but for me it apply's product a little too high. 

Precision Tapered Brush - Ever since these were delivered i have been using this to blend my under eye concealer. It is just so quick and because of the shape it allows you to get right up in the inner corners of the eye. This brush has a really different texture to the others (imagine a lip brush) allowing the concealer to glide on instead of being absorbed into the bristles. 

Precision Flat Angle Brush - Surprisingly i love this for blending. For blending brushes i usually lean towards dome shaped traditional blending brushes but this brush has changed my mind. This brush is so light and fluffy so it really helps to blend the product and banish harsh lines without buffing the product in too much that it all blends together (as you can tell i have had the panda eye experience). 

Overall i am really impressed with this brush set, 10 brushes for £10.99, what an absolute steal. The handles on all these brushes do feel quite cheap and there is not much weight in them so i dont know how heavy duty they are but they do they job. Have they replaced my Real Technique brushes? No, i am still a loyal Real Techniques fan and i couldn't live without their brushes but XCSource brushes are a great addition to have. 

Get CXSource brushes here (link). They also come in a range of colours, but of course i chose the white and gold (oooh so classy).


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