Wishlist: Sunny Friday Wishlist

It felt so lovely putting this together and lusting after all these items, i will so tempted to buy these when payday rolls around.

Now i am on my summer holidays and have alot more free time i am turning into an uncontrollable shopaholic, free time + pay day = a very happy aimee. 

1. MAC Warm Neutral Palette - I have been eyeing this for a long time now but i told myself i couldn't buy it until i had filled my current mac palette. Well, this week i finally filled my last two empty spaces with blanc type and wedge so i am allowing myself to consider this again. Lets be honest i wont be able to resist come pay day. It is priced at £65.00 which is an absolute steal.

2. Tiffany & Co Bead Bracelet - I have been wanting the classic bead bracelet from Tiffany's for the longest time, i can just see this teamed with my Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelet. It is priced at £190 but i feel this is a simple classic piece you would have in your collection forever. 

3. MAC Heroine Lipstick - I originally was lusting after this around my birthday in april, but i was debating weather the bright purple pigmentation would suit my complexion. But after alot of talk about this on beauty blogs and instagram i have been swayed into giving it a try. I love the look of purple lips so this is definitely on the cards. 

4. Michael Kors Large Selma Bag - I recently have decided it is time to purchase a new bag, but i am unsure about what one i want to get. I have had my eye on the Michael Kors Large Selma for a while now so maybe this is the bag for me. Does anyone else feel they need to 'try it on' before they buy a handbag?

5. Juice Cube - I am desperate for a iPhone backup portable charger, anyone who owns an iPhone 5s will know that the battery life on these wonderful pieces of technology drain really fast. After reading several reviews and watching a few youtube videos on this item, i am hoping this is going to be my life saviour. 


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