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I did it. I have officially completed my first year of my degree as a Registered Children's Nurse. It feels crazy to me to say i am now in my second year already *scary stuff*. This year has been the best and toughest year of my life thus far but i wouldn't change a thing; it has been so rewarding, heartbreaking and stressful and i really have surprised myself with how much i have learnt throughout this year. 

Last week i attended a 'meet and greet' session at my university to welcome the new nursing students for september, and it got me thinking how much i have accomplished in my first year. We all got chatting and the main topic of conversation quickly became tips & tricks for student nurses. I really enjoyed this day and the feedback from the new students was really positive; so it got me thinking... why not do a blog post for all student nurses in the blogging community? I know when i first got my place at uni i spent my whole summer searching online for what i needed to buy, read etc so i thought it might be helpful for those starting in september. 

Tip #1: Don't go out and purchase every book known to man on nursing and clinical procedures because chances are you wont need them. Before i started i bought several books and i have never once needed them. Many books will only be used once for an assignment so i used the library and used books off amazon are your best friend. There is only two books i recommend getting before you start are a good Anatomy & Physiology Book and a BNF (British National Formulary)

Tip #2: Join your intakes facebook page. A lot of universities now have facebook pages for each intake and it is a great place to get to know people before you start. It really helps with the nerves of starting university.

Tip #3: Get a planner. If there was a most important tip on this list, this would be it. Things can get very hectic between lectures, assignments and placements so it is always a good idea to be organised and plan your time well. 

Tip #4: Put your all into your placements. You will experience some great placements and some not go great placements but if you put your all into them, you will reap the rewards. This is your degree at the end of the day and you want to be the best nurse you can be; so experience as much as you can whilst out in practice.

Tip #5: Wear comfy shoes. This is a huge tip if you want to save your feet from agonising pain at the end of your shift. Go into clarks, find the most ugly pair of full black leather shoes, try them on and i guarantee you they will feel like slippers. After you have been rushing round the wards all day you will need these trust me. 

Tip #6: Have Fun. This is your degree, your training, your university experience. Do what is right for you, utilise your tutors, and mentors, try your best and be the best student nurse you can be.

I know this is not my usual blog post about beauty, makeup etc but this is the other side of my life that i truly love and enjoy doing.
Nursing is the best choice i have ever made for myself and i could not see myself doing anything else. It is a fantastic rewarding career and i cannot wait to get stuck into my second year of my degree. 

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