Product Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation

This foundation wins the award for the 'dont judge a book by its cover'. I have heard alot about this foundation on other beauty blogs, youtube, and magazines but every time i went into boots to purchase this i was swayed away by the packaging. The product itself looks very simple and bland and tends to blend in amongst the hand creams and cleansers on the shelf. However despite all the above i was really surprised when i applied this to my face.

I picked this up in the shade 15 opal which is the lightest shade in the range, i am not particularly pale so anyone lighter than a mac nw20 may struggle with the shade range available. During 'that time of the month' my skin is always awful, i get huge breakouts all around my cheeks and they can be a right pain to cover when your rushing to get ready for work because you stayed in bed that extra twenty minutes. I usually find that alot of foundations cake around spots and make them more prominent on the skin; sure they cover the redness but that pesky spot is still visible.

I had very high hopes for this product after reading so many positive reviews, and its safe to say i was not disappointed. I was shocked by the coverage of this foundation, instantly flawless. This foundation is brilliant for acne prone/blemish prone skin as no concealer is needed and it actually smooths the appearance of the skins texture. A pea size amount of product is needed to cover my entire face, it blends effortlessly and sets quite quickly. 

This foundation does have a strong scent and not my favourite scent at that but once it has settled the smell disappears. I tried applying this for three days using three different techniques, 
Day one: I used my fingers to blend this foundation across the skin. I think this was my least favourite way to apply this because the foundation is quite thick i felt as though i was dragging my skin.
Day Two: I used a real techniques buffing brush to really buff this into the skin. Hands down my favourite way to apply this as it really airbrushes the skin and blends out the appearance of any flaws and imperfections.
Day Three: I used a foundation brush to apply a light layer across this skin. I did like this technique for a good skin day but if you prefer high coverage, give the buffing brush a go. 

This is a picture of the foundation after 20 minutes of wear. It looks flawless, with a satin finish. I am a girl who loves a good matte finish but i really like the finish vichy dermablend gives. 

In all fairness i did choose the hottest day of the year to trial this foundation, and being stuck in a humid sweaty office was not a pleasant experience. I wore this foundation all day and when i finally looked in the mirror after my ten hour shift i was a greasy oily mess. My foundation was so oily and had started to fade, but then again so had the rest of my makeup due to the horrendous heat. The texture of my skin looks terrible. Here is how the foundation looked on my skin after my ten hour shift.

*warning, may possibly frighten small children*

However in al honestly i believe this is due to the extreme heat and humidity that day. I have continued to wear this foundation and could not be more impressed, it lasts my ten hours shifts perfectly and helps keep my oil somewhat at bay. Here is a very pouty picture of the foundation after a normal day of wear.

As you can see it is not a cakey foundation, and although it is thick it feels very lightweight and looks natural on the skin. 

Vichy's statement on the foundation: 'Dermablend Corrective Foundation with it's malleable coverage texture and no mask like effect gives 12 hours of coverage of uneven skin texture, dark circles and diffused redness.' 

No wonder it makes your skin look so fabulously flawless.

This foundation costs £15.50 at boots, which i think is a very reasonable price considering you only need a pea size to cover your entire face. I love this foundation and would definitely recommend it, just not when the heatwave of the year rolls around. 

Have any of you tried Vichy Dermablend? What were your thoughts?


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