Product Review: Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush

I haven't really tried much from the seventeen cosmetics range, i think i always saw it as a brand targeted more towards teens and of lower quality. But i was wrong *admits defeat*. 

I was browsing through the stands in Boots one night with my sister and we came across the new release of the Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush. At first i was really intrigued as i have never seen any blushes packaged in this way before, but to be honest i think was sucked in by the cute springy applicator. 

Inside of the screw lid on these blushes there is a round shaped sponge, and in the other side is the product so when pressed together the blush is pre applied to the sponge. There is a plastic sheet inside of the product between the sponge and blush to keep everything hygienic. There is only 3.2g of product in these blushes, when compared to mac which has 6g per blush, that is almost half the product; although i guess you could argue the £13 price difference. 

The sponge works by a spring which allows alot of product to the picked up in each application, and also quite even amounts distributed on each press into the product. 

The instructions say to stamp the blusher onto your cheeks and blend with fingers for a quick flush of colour. I really do not like this method of application as ontop of foundation it sticks and is hard to blend so you're left with a circle shape of product on each cheek. I felt as though i resembled a china doll. I found using the product with a blush brush really helped me to blend the product and build to my liking of intensity. 

The two shades i got were called 'made you look' which is a bright hot pink, and 'stare struck' which is a metallic rose pink everyday shade. 

Stare Struck is a metallic everyday rose pink shade which looks beautiful on pale/light toned skin. This shade is very metallic so i would use sparingly as it can make your cheeks look as if there is a film of product if too much is applied. I like teaming this with a natural pink lip and natural eyes, gives the perfect glow to your skin.

Made You Look is a bright fuchsia pink blush with teeny weeny specs of shimmer running through it. In fact the shimmer is barely visible once applied to the skin but just leaves a nice sheen. A tiny bit of this product goes along way so use a light hand when applying this. I love this colour during the summer months because it really lifts and brightens the complexion. Who doesn't want that right?

The blushes themselves are very smooth and silky and apply a nice pigmentation on the skin with a good amount of longevity. I am not at all crazy about the packaging because i dont feel the sponge is very hygienic or allows you to blend the blush as well as a brush could, but the actual product itself is a good little find. There is only five shades in the line to choose from so not a great selection but i feel there is quite a good range of colours within such a small selection. I am quite impressed with the blushes for the price and i think for everyday use they are worth a try, without the sponge.
 These blushes are priced at £4.99 and can be found in boots.

Have you tried these blushes? What did you think?


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