New Brighton Beach

Since we have had such nice weather this week, my sister, mum, dad, pup and i decided to go on a rare family day out for a nice long walk along New Brighton Beach; since we were all off work on the same day. Despite this being on my doorstep i have never visited New Brighton Beach and i really enjoyed my day; i think sometimes you forget to appreciate the things right under your nose. 

New Brighton Beach and Pier is beautiful; the lighthouse and ships make is seem almost cartoon like to me. It took me back to my childhood memories when i would visit the beach with my family and we would build sandcastles, play in the sea and grab fish and chips on our way back home (before i became a vegetarian and no longer eat fish). Still being a food lover i couldn't resist grabbing chips with a pile of vinegar and a pinch of salt at the chippy on the pier; before feeling very guilty at devouring the fudge cake and ice-cream we had for desert (healthy eating for the week ruined). 

This was the first time ozzy, my puppy, has been on the beach and he loved running in and out of the sea and frolicking in the sand with the doggies. He is such a happy friendly dog, it was lovely seeing him play with the doggies and other families on the beach. 

I am still sporting the Smashbox CC Cream (link) and i could not be more impressed with it. I have always been anti BB & CC creams so this is a real surprise winner for me; it is perfect for the summer, gives a good amount of coverage, lasts all day and looks 'just like skin'.

There was also something to celebrate this week, my baby sister passed her driving test. She passed first time and i couldn't of been a prouder big sister seeing her smile when she came home from the test centre. Wheres my baby sister gone!

2 comments on "New Brighton Beach"
  1. that pudding makes me want to buy a plane ticket and fly to Brighton at this very moment haha..

    Arianne |

    1. It was amazing!
      I felt guilty for about 30 seconds, it was so worth it ☺️

      Aimee xo


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