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This past year has been a real eye opener for me. Being a Student Children's Nurse i have been involved in and witnessed so many moments that really have touched me and made me realise the real importance of life. Life isnt all about having the best bikini body, flawless makeup or the newest iphone; life is about love, happiness, and health. I feel so privileged to wake up every morning with air in my lungs to a loving family, great friends, a nice home, job and education; unfortunately this is not the case for everyone and it breaks my heart. 

In this post i am going to list 15 things i am thankful for in my life. 

1. A wonderful supporting, loving family who i have 100% faith in; with my family i could never feel alone or scared

2.      For my parents, they raised me, protected me and helped me grow. My parents are the most amazing parents i could ever ask for, they are so supportive and loving and i have no doubt that if i needed them they would be there 100%.

3.      To be given the chance to train as a Childrens Nurse. This has always been my dream to help change the lives of vulnerable and sick young children and families. I am extremely thankful for my university for believing in me and giving my the chance to chase my dreams.

4.      The little things in life that make me smile such as the sunrise, the nice man in starbucks every morning who sings to his customers or even my puppy waking me up with a wagging tail every day.

5.      To wake up every morning with air in my lungs, be able to see and hear the world and to be of good health.

6.      Going to school, college and now univeristy. I was fortunate enough to have a full education to enable me to chase my dreams 

7.     To have experienced the world thanks to my parents. I love travelling and being able to experience other countries and cultures has been an amazing experience.

8.      To be happy. A few years ago i went through a really hard time and i felt as though the struggle along the road was never ending; but now a few years later i have never been happier. 

9.     My best friend. She never fails to make me smile and we bounce off each other so well. We love to share experiences together even though we have so many different interests and talents, our friendship really is one of a kind.  

10.      A safe a warm place to call home. Sometimes you just have those days where you just want to come home, wipe off all your makeup, pull on your pj's and relax.

11.      My beautiful little puppy Ozzy. Ozzy is a Lhasa Apso and has got to be the cutest little doggy ever, he really fills my life with joy everyday and always gives me unconditional love.

12.      The empty car parking space at the far side of the car park because it means i am capable of walking.

13.      Sense of humor. I love a good sense of humor. 

14.      Challenges. Without challenges in life we cannot grow and become who we were meant to be.

15.      Life. 

This post is a little different to my other posts but i truly believe that life isnt all about the materialistic items. I feel so privileged to have had so many different experiences throughout my life that have provided me with the lessons, failures, and strength to grow and learn.

I think we as humans sometimes dwell on the bad things in our lives instead of focusing on the positives. Its in our nature. We spend far too much time stressing over that extra 5lbs we are carrying, how many twitter followers we have or the rude insult someone passed on us four years ago, that we miss out on all the positives.

'When something goes wrong, take a minute to be thankful for all the many things that are still going right'

I challenge you!

Take a note pad and paper, set a timer for three minutes and write down everything you are thankful for. Big or Small. Your family and friends, your car or even the cookie you ate this morning. After the three minutes is up close the notebook and dont look at it until the next day. When you reopen this notebook the following day read through what you wrote down and ask yourself why your thankful for these things.

What are you thankful for? Why?


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