Get The Look: Queen Bey

One of my favorite all time trends is monochrome – a chic combination that's effortless enough for everyday wear, yet can still look fabulous and classy on a night out. Beyonce (Queen bey) always looks amazing in everything she wears, i have been seeing alot of pictures of her sporting monochrome lately and it has really inspired me to give this trend a re-visit.

Although beyonce looks nothing less than fabulous sporting her black and white well put together outfits, as a student i knew these outfits would be out of my budget so i tried to recreate one of her looks for less. 


My favourite way to wear this trend is with bright accessories such as a brightly coloured bag, shoes or jewelry; or why not sport a bright red lip for a dash of colour during summer. 

What are your favourite trends? Who is your style icon?

2 comments on "Get The Look: Queen Bey"
  1. Beyonce always has amazing style! I love this look you have put together :D I'll have to show my friend Sarah this as she LOVES Beyonce haha!
    My style icon would be a cross between Rachel Bilson and Katy Perry :)

    1. Defiantly! Thankyou very much!!
      You friend Sarah has good taste ☺️😂

      Ooo yes Rachel bilson does have great style! She always looks so chic and effortless!



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