Favourite Products Of The Moment

Lately i have been enjoying 'shopping my stash'. I think its a great way to find new holy grail products and find a better use for them instead of just collecting dust on your vanity. Now the sun has finally come out to play i have been wearing alot of bright lipsticks & blushes teamed with a nice highlight to really brighten the skin. 

Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume - I love this perfume. It is a lovely light scent with a real sexy yet classy feel; if you cant already tell i am really bad at describing scents. So the experts at Jimmy Choo describe this scent as:
"Sparkles of Pink Pepper, Tangerine and Strawberry introduce a flash of White Flowers and Tuberose to this Eau De Parfum fragrance. Intoxicating and dangerously sexy, the scent parades on a catwalk of addictive Powdery Woods"
This scent has great lasting power on the skin & i get compliments everytime i wear this.  
Get Jimmy Choo Flash here (link)

Baby Lips Electro - I am so happy i gave baby lips a second try. When the original Baby Lips became available in the UK, i instantly rushed out too boots & purchased three; to say the least i was disappointed. I just felt they didn't give much colour pay off & sat on the lips kind of awkwardly. But the Baby Lips Electro.... To Die For. They have great colour pay off and can be built up on the lips to full pigmentation. I love how they give a glossy look without being overpowering &  at £2.99 they are a real steal. I think they are a great edition to any makeup bag.

Get Baby Lips Electro Here (link) 
Currently available in Superdrug stores. They are quite often on a 3 for 2 offer so why not pick up three.

Nars Blush Duo in Hungry Heart & Desire - I picked up this blush duo in a set at Imats London June 2014. I have recently tried this out & its safe to say i love it. It instantly brightens any complexion & despite the bright colour it leaves a lovely natural finish on the cheeks. Nars blushes are so pigmented so you need such a small amount so they last you a long time (thumbs up for money saving). I tried this on my mum to test how it looks on a slightly darker complexion & it still looked flawless. The highlight in the duo (desire) is a very pretty highlight. It is has tiny flex of gold running through and looks awesome with bronzed skin. 
Get Nars Blush Duo in Hungry Heart & Desire here (link)

Mac Soft & Gentle - One of my all time favourite makeup products, I cannot do my makeup without this. I have used this highlighter for such a long amount of time but for some reason i stopped using it the past few weeks, because i thought it may look a bit excessive in the warm weather & substituted it for a cream highlighter. I was wrong. This looks stunning in the summer weather and really gives that 'glow' to the skin. Everytime i try other highlighters i always come back to this. 
Get Mac Soft & Gentle here (link)


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  1. hey how are you
     Great Blog! I love the style of it

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    let me know what you think :)

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    1. Hey. Thankyou very much!!
      Il check out your stuff, thanks for the links :)

      Aimee xo

  2. The colours of Baby Lips are very lovely! x

    1. They are, I much prefer these to the original baby lips! Xx

  3. soft and gentle is on my wishlist for ages and i feel like i have to get it. it looks so good.


    1. You won't regret it! Once I got it, the whole appearance of my makeup completely changed. No wonder it is such a hyped up product xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thankyou very much :)
      Me too, I wish they had more shades in the electro range xx

  5. That MAC highlighter sounds right up my street. I'll have to give it a go


    1. You 100% should. Just gives the perfect finish to any makeup xx


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