Disappointing Product: MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer

I love a good bargain as much as the next person so as soon as i saw these on the MUA stand in superdrug i was instantly sold. I wanted to try these Lip Lacquers (for short) for a while but every time i went into store they were sold out; so as soon as i saw these i grabbed all three. I have had these in my collection for a while now but during the summer months i prefer a lighter lip such as a tinted balm so i hadn't gotten the chance to fully try them out.

MUA's lip lacquers have been compared to the Lime Crime Velvetines, but for a large fraction of the cost. These Lip Lacquers retail for £3.00 in Superdrug Stores (link), and when compared to the Lime Crime Velvetines priced at £13.50 (link) which are not very accessible in the UK, MUA seem to be on to a real winner. 

So what are they? Well besides the really long name, MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquers are essentially long lasting lip stains which dry to matte/velvet finish. The packaging of these products are really sleek and have that expensive feel to them with the frosted plastic; i am a sucker for packaging. 

I had gotten three shades, Aflush, Reckless and Criminal. Aflush is a lovely everyday coral pink shade, Reckless is a deep classic red, and Criminal is a neon bright pink. The range of colours within this collection is quite nice, it ranges from a really pale nude to a very dark plum shade all with the same matte velvet finish. 

As you can see they are very highly pigmented, which i think is brilliant for such an inexpensive product. However i found them really difficult to apply, alot of product tends to build up on the brush making it really tricky to get the perfect smooth outline to your lips. I also found these Lip Lacquers to be very sticky whilst in the 'drying stages' after application, they kind of stuck together when my mouth was closed resulting in a patchy finish. 

MUA claim these Lip Lacquers to be transfer (kiss) proof, I did not find this to be the case. Here is a swatch of the product that had been drying on my hand for four minutes, before i lightly ran my finger over them, smudge. 

MUA Statement 'Smooch your way to red carpet glamour with MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers. Long - lasting and kiss proof, these intense formulas come in five rich, vampy shades. Encased in chic frosted glass packaging, these lacquers glide on with the ease of a gloss, drying in seconds into a matte velvety texture. They are the ultimate make-up bag must have'

MUA also claim the Lip Lacquers to be long lasting and that is not the case, at least for me. Once the product has set on your lips it begins to crumble off; I think this is due to the drying effect the product has on the lips, my lips appeared dry and cracked when wearing this product even with lip conditioner applied before hand. 

 Overall i was really disappointed in these Lip Lacquers. Being a bargain hunter i love MUA's Pro Brow Kit and i think their Eyeshadows are excellent quality, but i was not impressed with these Velvet Lip Lacquers. 


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