25 Facts About Me

Getting personal

1. I have been a vegetarian for close to ten years.

2. I have a really guilty obsession for SClub 7. They may have split up in 2003 but i still have a pile of their cd's in my car and a playlist on my iPhone.

3. I live in a town so small that no one has ever heard of it.

4. I love programmes like 24 hours in a&e and trauma doctors. I love guts and gore. 

5. 2010 & 2014 were the best years of my life thus far. 

6. I have one older brother & one younger sister. My brother is 18 months older than me and my sister three years younger.

7. I love singing. Even though i feel like i sound like a tone deaf cat, i dont care.

8. I am really picky with my food. I know what i like & tend to stick to the same things. When it comes to fruit i like berries and bananas but i cannot even stand the smell of apples. 

9. When i was seven i used to go to recorder club after school. It is still the only instrument i can play.

10. I love every kind of vegetables, with the exception of sweetcorn. The texture is such so strange to me. 

11. I am 5ft 9 inches tall and have always wished i was shorter. My ideal height would be 5ft 5 inches; unfortunately i cannot change this so i learnt embrace it.

12. I have a huge phobia of whales & dolphins. Yes, i am aware it is completely irrational but i cannot help it. Even fish creep me out.  

13. I cannot stand mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even the scent of it makes me feel ill.

14. I am a real morning person. Although i dont think my colleagues appreciate this when i bound into the office singing 'good morninggg'.

15. I am the biggest Hollyoaks fan. Ever. 

16. My favourite colour is orange. 

17. I have a huge obsession with stationary. I often spend hours on end on the paperchase website and often go for a drive to asda to check out the stationary aisle (i have just admitted that on the internet).

18. My lucky number is seven. 

19. My families nickname for me is 'lou' or 'leighleigh'. I was originally going to be called aimee louise so maybe this is where is came from. My friends nickname for me is 'aims'... standard. 

20. I love burlesque. I love how glamourous and sexy it is. This love came from the film Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera & Cher.

21. I really want to get my tragus pierced but due to work commitments on wards, i cant. 

22. I dressed up as a witch for nearly every halloween as a child. 

23. Christina Aguilera is my favourite all time singer. Her voice gives me goosebumps.

24. I quote films far too often. My most quoted films are Finding Nemo, Clueless, & Mean Girls. 

25.  If i can hear someone chewing food i have to literally get up and leave the room until they are finished eating. It drives me insane, i am sure there is a name for it?

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