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Favourite Products Of The Moment

Lately i have been enjoying 'shopping my stash'. I think its a great way to find new holy grail products and find a better use for them instead of just collecting dust on your vanity. Now the sun has finally come out to play i have been wearing alot of bright lipsticks & blushes teamed with a nice highlight to really brighten the skin. 

Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume - I love this perfume. It is a lovely light scent with a real sexy yet classy feel; if you cant already tell i am really bad at describing scents. So the experts at Jimmy Choo describe this scent as:
"Sparkles of Pink Pepper, Tangerine and Strawberry introduce a flash of White Flowers and Tuberose to this Eau De Parfum fragrance. Intoxicating and dangerously sexy, the scent parades on a catwalk of addictive Powdery Woods"
This scent has great lasting power on the skin & i get compliments everytime i wear this.  
Get Jimmy Choo Flash here (link)

Baby Lips Electro - I am so happy i gave baby lips a second try. When the original Baby Lips became available in the UK, i instantly rushed out too boots & purchased three; to say the least i was disappointed. I just felt they didn't give much colour pay off & sat on the lips kind of awkwardly. But the Baby Lips Electro.... To Die For. They have great colour pay off and can be built up on the lips to full pigmentation. I love how they give a glossy look without being overpowering &  at £2.99 they are a real steal. I think they are a great edition to any makeup bag.

Get Baby Lips Electro Here (link) 
Currently available in Superdrug stores. They are quite often on a 3 for 2 offer so why not pick up three.

Nars Blush Duo in Hungry Heart & Desire - I picked up this blush duo in a set at Imats London June 2014. I have recently tried this out & its safe to say i love it. It instantly brightens any complexion & despite the bright colour it leaves a lovely natural finish on the cheeks. Nars blushes are so pigmented so you need such a small amount so they last you a long time (thumbs up for money saving). I tried this on my mum to test how it looks on a slightly darker complexion & it still looked flawless. The highlight in the duo (desire) is a very pretty highlight. It is has tiny flex of gold running through and looks awesome with bronzed skin. 
Get Nars Blush Duo in Hungry Heart & Desire here (link)

Mac Soft & Gentle - One of my all time favourite makeup products, I cannot do my makeup without this. I have used this highlighter for such a long amount of time but for some reason i stopped using it the past few weeks, because i thought it may look a bit excessive in the warm weather & substituted it for a cream highlighter. I was wrong. This looks stunning in the summer weather and really gives that 'glow' to the skin. Everytime i try other highlighters i always come back to this. 
Get Mac Soft & Gentle here (link)


Its National Lipstick Day

Its National Lipstick Day. Before this morning i didn't know this was a thing; but i love that there is a day dedicated to us lipstick lovers. I believe lipstick is one of those makeup items that can completely change your face. There are so many different colours, finishes, formulas; there truly is the perfect lipstick for everyone. So in honour of National Lipstick Day, i have chosen my top four lipsticks of the moment.

1. MAC Rebel - This lipstick had had alot of attention on beauty blogs since its release. I love how this lipstick can transform a makeup look in seconds. I love this in the winter with a smokey eye or even in the summer for a pop of colour. It has a satin finish and has great lasting power. Get it here (link)

2. MAC Dodgy Girl (Osbournes Collection) - I was so excited for this lipstick to be released with the Osbournes Collection, and lets just say it did not disappoint. This is limited edition so it may be quite hard to get your hands on but if you can its definatly worth it. It is a matte lavender shade with undertones of blue and pink. This lipstick has great lasting power and lets be honest, the packaging is flawless.
Get it here (link)

3. YSL Rouge Volupte in Shade 29 - I love the formula of this lipstick. It is really creamy and applies nice and smooth on the lips. It is very pigmented and gives a opaque finish. A little pricey at £25.00 but for a splurge item, it is worth it. This lipstick has great lasting power and is a beautiful everyday pink shade. 
Get it here (link)

4. Loreal Caresse in Shade 06 Aphrodite Scarlet - Loreal Caresse lipsticks have to be one of my all time favourite makeup items. They provide a nice light wash of colour with a subtle glossy finish, they feel so moisturising and smooth on the lips. The formula is completely none sticky and priced at £7.99 how can you not? I am kind of ashamed to say i own every lipstick in this collection. Also Loreal often have a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots & Superdrug so why not take advantage?
Get it here (link)

Today only....
Debenhams are giving £5 off any lipstick on their site to celebrate.

For today only debenhams (link) are giving £5 off any lipstick when ordered online in honour of National Lipstick Day. So if you have had your eye on any new lippies, today is the day to grab it. Offer ends at Midnight 29/07/14.

What are your favourite lipsticks? 


25 Facts About Me

Getting personal

1. I have been a vegetarian for close to ten years.

2. I have a really guilty obsession for SClub 7. They may have split up in 2003 but i still have a pile of their cd's in my car and a playlist on my iPhone.

3. I live in a town so small that no one has ever heard of it.

4. I love programmes like 24 hours in a&e and trauma doctors. I love guts and gore. 

5. 2010 & 2014 were the best years of my life thus far. 

6. I have one older brother & one younger sister. My brother is 18 months older than me and my sister three years younger.

7. I love singing. Even though i feel like i sound like a tone deaf cat, i dont care.

8. I am really picky with my food. I know what i like & tend to stick to the same things. When it comes to fruit i like berries and bananas but i cannot even stand the smell of apples. 

9. When i was seven i used to go to recorder club after school. It is still the only instrument i can play.

10. I love every kind of vegetables, with the exception of sweetcorn. The texture is such so strange to me. 

11. I am 5ft 9 inches tall and have always wished i was shorter. My ideal height would be 5ft 5 inches; unfortunately i cannot change this so i learnt embrace it.

12. I have a huge phobia of whales & dolphins. Yes, i am aware it is completely irrational but i cannot help it. Even fish creep me out.  

13. I cannot stand mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even the scent of it makes me feel ill.

14. I am a real morning person. Although i dont think my colleagues appreciate this when i bound into the office singing 'good morninggg'.

15. I am the biggest Hollyoaks fan. Ever. 

16. My favourite colour is orange. 

17. I have a huge obsession with stationary. I often spend hours on end on the paperchase website and often go for a drive to asda to check out the stationary aisle (i have just admitted that on the internet).

18. My lucky number is seven. 

19. My families nickname for me is 'lou' or 'leighleigh'. I was originally going to be called aimee louise so maybe this is where is came from. My friends nickname for me is 'aims'... standard. 

20. I love burlesque. I love how glamourous and sexy it is. This love came from the film Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera & Cher.

21. I really want to get my tragus pierced but due to work commitments on wards, i cant. 

22. I dressed up as a witch for nearly every halloween as a child. 

23. Christina Aguilera is my favourite all time singer. Her voice gives me goosebumps.

24. I quote films far too often. My most quoted films are Finding Nemo, Clueless, & Mean Girls. 

25.  If i can hear someone chewing food i have to literally get up and leave the room until they are finished eating. It drives me insane, i am sure there is a name for it?


Disappointing Product: MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer

I love a good bargain as much as the next person so as soon as i saw these on the MUA stand in superdrug i was instantly sold. I wanted to try these Lip Lacquers (for short) for a while but every time i went into store they were sold out; so as soon as i saw these i grabbed all three. I have had these in my collection for a while now but during the summer months i prefer a lighter lip such as a tinted balm so i hadn't gotten the chance to fully try them out.

MUA's lip lacquers have been compared to the Lime Crime Velvetines, but for a large fraction of the cost. These Lip Lacquers retail for £3.00 in Superdrug Stores (link), and when compared to the Lime Crime Velvetines priced at £13.50 (link) which are not very accessible in the UK, MUA seem to be on to a real winner. 

So what are they? Well besides the really long name, MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquers are essentially long lasting lip stains which dry to matte/velvet finish. The packaging of these products are really sleek and have that expensive feel to them with the frosted plastic; i am a sucker for packaging. 

I had gotten three shades, Aflush, Reckless and Criminal. Aflush is a lovely everyday coral pink shade, Reckless is a deep classic red, and Criminal is a neon bright pink. The range of colours within this collection is quite nice, it ranges from a really pale nude to a very dark plum shade all with the same matte velvet finish. 

As you can see they are very highly pigmented, which i think is brilliant for such an inexpensive product. However i found them really difficult to apply, alot of product tends to build up on the brush making it really tricky to get the perfect smooth outline to your lips. I also found these Lip Lacquers to be very sticky whilst in the 'drying stages' after application, they kind of stuck together when my mouth was closed resulting in a patchy finish. 

MUA claim these Lip Lacquers to be transfer (kiss) proof, I did not find this to be the case. Here is a swatch of the product that had been drying on my hand for four minutes, before i lightly ran my finger over them, smudge. 

MUA Statement 'Smooch your way to red carpet glamour with MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers. Long - lasting and kiss proof, these intense formulas come in five rich, vampy shades. Encased in chic frosted glass packaging, these lacquers glide on with the ease of a gloss, drying in seconds into a matte velvety texture. They are the ultimate make-up bag must have'

MUA also claim the Lip Lacquers to be long lasting and that is not the case, at least for me. Once the product has set on your lips it begins to crumble off; I think this is due to the drying effect the product has on the lips, my lips appeared dry and cracked when wearing this product even with lip conditioner applied before hand. 

 Overall i was really disappointed in these Lip Lacquers. Being a bargain hunter i love MUA's Pro Brow Kit and i think their Eyeshadows are excellent quality, but i was not impressed with these Velvet Lip Lacquers. 


New Brighton Beach

Since we have had such nice weather this week, my sister, mum, dad, pup and i decided to go on a rare family day out for a nice long walk along New Brighton Beach; since we were all off work on the same day. Despite this being on my doorstep i have never visited New Brighton Beach and i really enjoyed my day; i think sometimes you forget to appreciate the things right under your nose. 

New Brighton Beach and Pier is beautiful; the lighthouse and ships make is seem almost cartoon like to me. It took me back to my childhood memories when i would visit the beach with my family and we would build sandcastles, play in the sea and grab fish and chips on our way back home (before i became a vegetarian and no longer eat fish). Still being a food lover i couldn't resist grabbing chips with a pile of vinegar and a pinch of salt at the chippy on the pier; before feeling very guilty at devouring the fudge cake and ice-cream we had for desert (healthy eating for the week ruined). 

This was the first time ozzy, my puppy, has been on the beach and he loved running in and out of the sea and frolicking in the sand with the doggies. He is such a happy friendly dog, it was lovely seeing him play with the doggies and other families on the beach. 

I am still sporting the Smashbox CC Cream (link) and i could not be more impressed with it. I have always been anti BB & CC creams so this is a real surprise winner for me; it is perfect for the summer, gives a good amount of coverage, lasts all day and looks 'just like skin'.

There was also something to celebrate this week, my baby sister passed her driving test. She passed first time and i couldn't of been a prouder big sister seeing her smile when she came home from the test centre. Wheres my baby sister gone!


Pout, Puppy, Tan & Colourful Shades

So, ive been a bad beauty blogger. I was sunbathing far too much this week that i lost the lightning to take the pictures for today's planned post *naughty aimée*. The weather in england has been amazing this week (for more than two days to my surprise) and i am very guilty of enjoying every last minute of it. I have spent most of my week in the garden sunbathing, catching up on uni work and eating fruit salads to my hearts content.

Another thing i really have enjoyed this week is my £2 multi coloured aviator sunglasses from primark. I purchased these little beauties about a month ago but i was always afraid to wear them as i was so use to my standard black and brown ones; but now i just can't get enough. They just look so summery and cute; i have had so many compliments on them. I think a trip back to primark to get a back up pair is on the cards *obsessed*. I have no idea why i have decided to pull a fishy/pout face on every photo, i blame the sun. 

I have spent the majority of the week bare faced (thankyou sunglasses) because i didn't want to be sporting a full face of makeup to just pop to the shops, sit in my garden or go for a walk in such sunny hot weather. Although, i am guilty of using a CC cream when i have gone to the pub and shopping, i have been using the smashbox camera ready CC cream with spf30 (link here) and i have been pleasantly impressed. I usually sway away from BB & CC creams as i like a really full coverage and after trying endless tubes of these creams i have never found one i liked; but i have really enjoyed the finish the smashbox CC cream gives, it is so light and natural, evens skin tone and has great staying power. A big thumbs up.

smashbox statement: 'It's got all of the amazing benefits of BB-primes, perfects, protects (with SPF 30!), hydrates and controls oil-plus it visibly evens dark spots, sun spots and post-acne marks. Think of it as BB with that extra oomph.'
£29.00 at Smashbox

My little puppy, ozzy, has really enjoyed the sun too this week, we have been like little best friends sunbathing together and sharing lifes wonders (yes i do talk to my dog). He loves being outside and chasing all the butterflies; it is quite good entertainment. I have been very productive with my uni work finally working on drug calculations and pathophysiology whilst topping up my tan before returning to work tomorrow.

What have you done this week thus far? Have you been enjoying the glorious weather?


Get The Look: Queen Bey

One of my favorite all time trends is monochrome – a chic combination that's effortless enough for everyday wear, yet can still look fabulous and classy on a night out. Beyonce (Queen bey) always looks amazing in everything she wears, i have been seeing alot of pictures of her sporting monochrome lately and it has really inspired me to give this trend a re-visit.

Although beyonce looks nothing less than fabulous sporting her black and white well put together outfits, as a student i knew these outfits would be out of my budget so i tried to recreate one of her looks for less. 


My favourite way to wear this trend is with bright accessories such as a brightly coloured bag, shoes or jewelry; or why not sport a bright red lip for a dash of colour during summer. 

What are your favourite trends? Who is your style icon?


Tips & Tricks: Student Nurses

I did it. I have officially completed my first year of my degree as a Registered Children's Nurse. It feels crazy to me to say i am now in my second year already *scary stuff*. This year has been the best and toughest year of my life thus far but i wouldn't change a thing; it has been so rewarding, heartbreaking and stressful and i really have surprised myself with how much i have learnt throughout this year. 

Last week i attended a 'meet and greet' session at my university to welcome the new nursing students for september, and it got me thinking how much i have accomplished in my first year. We all got chatting and the main topic of conversation quickly became tips & tricks for student nurses. I really enjoyed this day and the feedback from the new students was really positive; so it got me thinking... why not do a blog post for all student nurses in the blogging community? I know when i first got my place at uni i spent my whole summer searching online for what i needed to buy, read etc so i thought it might be helpful for those starting in september. 

Tip #1: Don't go out and purchase every book known to man on nursing and clinical procedures because chances are you wont need them. Before i started i bought several books and i have never once needed them. Many books will only be used once for an assignment so i used the library and used books off amazon are your best friend. There is only two books i recommend getting before you start are a good Anatomy & Physiology Book and a BNF (British National Formulary)

Tip #2: Join your intakes facebook page. A lot of universities now have facebook pages for each intake and it is a great place to get to know people before you start. It really helps with the nerves of starting university.

Tip #3: Get a planner. If there was a most important tip on this list, this would be it. Things can get very hectic between lectures, assignments and placements so it is always a good idea to be organised and plan your time well. 

Tip #4: Put your all into your placements. You will experience some great placements and some not go great placements but if you put your all into them, you will reap the rewards. This is your degree at the end of the day and you want to be the best nurse you can be; so experience as much as you can whilst out in practice.

Tip #5: Wear comfy shoes. This is a huge tip if you want to save your feet from agonising pain at the end of your shift. Go into clarks, find the most ugly pair of full black leather shoes, try them on and i guarantee you they will feel like slippers. After you have been rushing round the wards all day you will need these trust me. 

Tip #6: Have Fun. This is your degree, your training, your university experience. Do what is right for you, utilise your tutors, and mentors, try your best and be the best student nurse you can be.

I know this is not my usual blog post about beauty, makeup etc but this is the other side of my life that i truly love and enjoy doing.
Nursing is the best choice i have ever made for myself and i could not see myself doing anything else. It is a fantastic rewarding career and i cannot wait to get stuck into my second year of my degree. 


Product Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation

This foundation wins the award for the 'dont judge a book by its cover'. I have heard alot about this foundation on other beauty blogs, youtube, and magazines but every time i went into boots to purchase this i was swayed away by the packaging. The product itself looks very simple and bland and tends to blend in amongst the hand creams and cleansers on the shelf. However despite all the above i was really surprised when i applied this to my face.

I picked this up in the shade 15 opal which is the lightest shade in the range, i am not particularly pale so anyone lighter than a mac nw20 may struggle with the shade range available. During 'that time of the month' my skin is always awful, i get huge breakouts all around my cheeks and they can be a right pain to cover when your rushing to get ready for work because you stayed in bed that extra twenty minutes. I usually find that alot of foundations cake around spots and make them more prominent on the skin; sure they cover the redness but that pesky spot is still visible.

I had very high hopes for this product after reading so many positive reviews, and its safe to say i was not disappointed. I was shocked by the coverage of this foundation, instantly flawless. This foundation is brilliant for acne prone/blemish prone skin as no concealer is needed and it actually smooths the appearance of the skins texture. A pea size amount of product is needed to cover my entire face, it blends effortlessly and sets quite quickly. 

This foundation does have a strong scent and not my favourite scent at that but once it has settled the smell disappears. I tried applying this for three days using three different techniques, 
Day one: I used my fingers to blend this foundation across the skin. I think this was my least favourite way to apply this because the foundation is quite thick i felt as though i was dragging my skin.
Day Two: I used a real techniques buffing brush to really buff this into the skin. Hands down my favourite way to apply this as it really airbrushes the skin and blends out the appearance of any flaws and imperfections.
Day Three: I used a foundation brush to apply a light layer across this skin. I did like this technique for a good skin day but if you prefer high coverage, give the buffing brush a go. 

This is a picture of the foundation after 20 minutes of wear. It looks flawless, with a satin finish. I am a girl who loves a good matte finish but i really like the finish vichy dermablend gives. 

In all fairness i did choose the hottest day of the year to trial this foundation, and being stuck in a humid sweaty office was not a pleasant experience. I wore this foundation all day and when i finally looked in the mirror after my ten hour shift i was a greasy oily mess. My foundation was so oily and had started to fade, but then again so had the rest of my makeup due to the horrendous heat. The texture of my skin looks terrible. Here is how the foundation looked on my skin after my ten hour shift.

*warning, may possibly frighten small children*

However in al honestly i believe this is due to the extreme heat and humidity that day. I have continued to wear this foundation and could not be more impressed, it lasts my ten hours shifts perfectly and helps keep my oil somewhat at bay. Here is a very pouty picture of the foundation after a normal day of wear.

As you can see it is not a cakey foundation, and although it is thick it feels very lightweight and looks natural on the skin. 

Vichy's statement on the foundation: 'Dermablend Corrective Foundation with it's malleable coverage texture and no mask like effect gives 12 hours of coverage of uneven skin texture, dark circles and diffused redness.' 

No wonder it makes your skin look so fabulously flawless.

This foundation costs £15.50 at boots, which i think is a very reasonable price considering you only need a pea size to cover your entire face. I love this foundation and would definitely recommend it, just not when the heatwave of the year rolls around. 

Have any of you tried Vichy Dermablend? What were your thoughts?


FOTD: Summer Christening Makeup

So today i went to my baby cousins christening. It was quite a small gathering as i dont have a large family which made it a really nice day. I decided to do my makeup a smoky brown neutral with a natural lip and curly locks now my hair is growing *excited to have long hair again*. My little sister and mum had asked me to do their makeup for the occasion so i had three faces to paint today, all wanting different looks. I love this girly time i get with my mum and sister.

So just a little heads up this post is very selfie central.

Benefit Porefessional Primer
Vichy Dermablend Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Mac Studio Fix Powder
Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer
NYX Blush in Taupe for Contour
MAC Dollymix Blush
MAC Soft And Gentle Highlight

MAC Coppering, Tempting, Patina, Brule,Smut
Love Alpha Fibre Lash Mascara
Loreal Super Liner Intense Carbon Gloss 
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Black
#D Wispy Lashes

Exfoliated using Body Shop Lip Scrub in Mint Julip
YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick In Number 6


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