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Hello again my angels,

Hows your week been so far? Mines been pretty hectic, teaching life support techniques to year five pupils for three days straight can get a little tiring, but so much fun and a brilliant experience. So today's blog post i am going to show you some of my all time favourite makeup products.
I love these kind of posts, were all us beauty addicts come together and tell each other what we cannot live without in our makeup bags.
I think its such a good way to discover new products, see new releases and find inspiration for a change to your makeup style.

I cannot even begin to describe how much i love this stuff; i have gone through at least fifteen bottles and i will continue to use it until Revlon stop producing this foundation. I am a full coverage kind of a gal and i have found that this works the best for me; over mac studio fix fluid, benefit hello flawless and loreal true match. This foundation covers every flaw on my face, lasts all day and provides a skin texture finish. Being a student nurse you have to maintain a professional image, i find this allows my skin to look flawless without looking like i am ready to hit the town. I cannot live without this stuff, well done revlon. 

Lets admit it, mac are definitely the queen of colour range when it comes to lipsticks. I have several mac lipsticks and they never fail to impress. They have excellent staying power, smell amazing, beautiful pigmentation and the cute packaging. Whenever i am looking for a new lipstick the first thing i do is log onto and start searching through the colour selection. 

Ysl Rouge Volupte lipsticks have the most beautiful texture to them, They literally glide on like water and have amazing staying power. Plus the packaging is to die for (please ignore the dint in my lid from my keys in my handbag *crys*). The only negative i have about this product is the price, Mac lipsticks range from £15-£16.50 whereas Ysl are £25, although i have to admit i am always tempted.

I have used MUA pro-brow ever since the first day it was released in the shop, i remember stocking the makeup counters (in my old job) spotting this and rushing to pay for it at the till, i could not contain how excited i was to try this product. Lets say it did not disappoint. This is only my second brow kit because they last so long, and at £3.50, you really get bang for your buck. There are three brow shades, a wax, mini brush and tweezers in this kit. The wax is fabulous at helping to shape your brows and helping the powder to last all day. A real winner from MUA.

Lasting perfection concealer i think scores joint 1st prize with revlon colourstay. The coverage of this concealer is amazing, it hides every single flaw on my face, lasts all day, and blends effortlessly. I have very temperamental skin, and with this concealer sometimes i dont even feel the need for foundation. I cannot even begin to imagine how many of these i have bought over the years, and for £4.19, its a steal. 

Gosh prime 'n' set is a newish discovery for me, however it has managed to make it into this blog post *applause to gosh*. This powder can be used under, alone, or above foundation to help set the powder into place, fill in fine lines and wrinkles and blend imperfections and pores. And for sure it does. I have large pores around my nose and when i have applied this product, my skin looks effortlessly smooth, perfect and glowy. Its brilliant. Great for an oily skin too. 

Mac have pulled it out the bag again with the colour ranges available. Mac blushes have the most beautiful pigmentation and lasting power as well as being available in a range of finishes. Mac blushes blend effortlessly and pigmentation is so varied. Fabulous.

Mac mineralize skin finishes one word. SHAMAZEBALLS. I have never seen another product that compares to these; the sheen is outstanding, and used as a highlight is bound to attract compliments. My particular shining star shade is 'soft and gentle', it gives the perfect glow to the skin and wakes up any makeup look (even after pulling all nighters)

Urban decay primer potion is my holy grail product when it comes to eye shadow. I have tried so many eye primers but nothing compares to the classic UDPP, it holds eye shadows all day, pigmentation from the eye shadow is outstanding and allows shadow to blend beautifully,  

perfect. perfect. perfect. For anyone out there that were not blessed with luscious long thick eyelashes, get this product. This product is a fibre extension mascara, and you can literally make your eyelashes so long they touch your eyebrows. You can build on the length by just applying another coat and setting with the transplanting gel. This product gives you the perfect doll wide eye look and i cannot live without this. 

Benefit porefessional primer is the prefect face primer for anyone, but especially my oily skin guys and gals out there. You literally need a pea sized amount to do your whole face, it provides the perfect base for foundations and powders. It also helps smooth out any fine lines and pores, a real winner.

Estee lauder double wear is a really good foundation for all the full coverage foundation lovers. I have a little unhealthy obsession for foundation and its safe to say i have tried close to every foundation in the drugstore. This foundation provides a very full coverage with can be sheered out to next to nothing also. This is my weekend foundation as it really gives me an airbrushed look and it fantastic at holding the oil at bay. At £28.50 it is a little pricey but so worth it in my opinion as it lasts for ages.

Once again i am referring to my mac eye shadows, but i truly believe they are the best eye shadows out there. They are fabulous at blending, the colour range is spectacular, a range of different finishes and great lasting power. Its real bang for your buck too as they last so long. A winner from mac once again.

So what are your all time favourite products? Do you have any of the products mentioned above?


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  1. MUA brow kit is really goood! <3
    lovely blogpost

    Lauren x


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